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Some questions!


New member
Hello ! I'm back after a few months !!
After getting used to my first corn snake, I recently got another one, but I didn't expect her to be so young/small (she's only 1 month old :') )
I have some strange questions to ask, I still haven't tried to feed her (waiting for her to de-stress) but the previous owner did say that she ate 6 times already !

So, for the questions:
1- I noticed that when she's tongue flicking her tongue always "lick" herself, it always flick upwards and onto her "muzzle", I haven't seen my boy doing that , what could it be? Just being silly or she's smelling herself??

2- I don't know how Corn snakes musk should smell like but she came with a really strong odor onto her skin, my male is odorless but she smells like a really potent piece of earth /foliage , she was inside a small deli cup and there was a spot in there that didn't look like pee nor poop , could that be that she musked inside and rolled all over it and that's the strange smell she's producing?

3- I caught her 'yawning' after "waking up" and walking around the enclosure, it was a one time thing but my male never did that so I guess I'm kinda scared lol is that normal? I checked her mouth and there was only a small really small stripe of saliva, no bubbles and no excessive saliva, she did drink water before this though.

Thank you and sorry for the extensive questions I'm really worried because she's so small and delicate I don't want anything bad happening with her !
I don't know about the tongue flicking but I wouldn't worry about that lol.
I've never had one of my corns musk but my rat did ones and it's a skunky smell, so most likely you were just smelling what you said she had been contained in.
As for the "yawning" do not worry about that. Perfectly normal. If you look it up you can find different articles as to what it might be, but I notice mine do it especially after coming out of being asleep for awhile, or before they're about to shed, and when they're hungry, and especially after they eat. Try not to worry too much about your baby, just make sure her habitat is set up perfectly and try and leave her alone for a week or so to adjust to it before handling her. Good luck [emoji2]

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Could that ‘smell’ simply be stale urine -they are very nervous at that age especially if it’s in a new home/viv ..

Be aware that at that age /size they can squeeze through the smallest / tightest gap or hole !!!

They can squeeze in between two pieces of loose fitting glass doors or even the hole for any wires / wiring !!

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