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Fluorescent Orange Corn Snake

Rich Z
05-08-2018, 02:07 AM
From my retired SerpenCo.com website.

Fluorescent Orange Corn Snake

This was another one of those accidental cultivars I've produced over the years. In 1987 I hatched out an amelanistic that appeared to be partial piebald. Naturally I was excited about this prospect and kept this one female and one of her brothers. With high expectations, I bred them together when they reached maturity, but was discouraged to find that nothing abnormal resulted from this mating. Thinking another generation may be necessary, I kept quite a few of these offspring and raised them up and bred them. Some together, and one of the males back to the original female. Nothing. But THESE babies looked different. Even as babies the orange was so much more brilliant than typical in an amelanistic corn and most had extremely bold white borders around the red blotches. When they reached about 2 foot long, they became absolutely stunning looking!

These are amelanistic corn snakes where the brightness of the orange has been taken to an extreme. In many of them there will be sharply contrasting white borders around the dorsal blotches. The dorsal blotches themselves can vary from deep red to an orange coloration only slightly darker than the ground color.

Some people have accused me of hand painting the animals I take on display at the shows we do. These are show stoppers! Living jewels!

This year I have combined the lines of the Amelanistic Okeetee with the Fluorescent Oranges. They are so similar looking that there is little reason to continue offering both of them. But for the transition period, I will still be producing Amelanistic Okeetees, although in greatly reduced numbers, that come from my various Okeetee lines and will be offered as such. But expect the Amelanistic Okeetee line to eventually be retired from being listed as a separate cultivar here.