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Rich Z
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  • Hmm, I thought I had announcements set up to be viewed by everyone. Ah, I checked and it expired. I reset the expiration date, so it should be visible now. Basically the important part of it is the following:

    Hope that helps.
    Thanks for the response Rich. I'm sorry to pester you about this but when I click the link you provided it takes me to a page that I "Don't have Access" to. I have noticed some differences between the image upload requirements for Fauna versus Cornsnakes.com. Is there a file size parameter that is preventing the thumbnail from appearing beside my ad perhaps? Many thanks, Neil
    Hi Rich, How do I get an image to appear beside my ads in the "Corns For Sale Section"? It seems like sometime this happens automatically, but sometimes the ad displays a box with and arrow instead. Any assistance most appreciated. Cheers, Neil
    Sorry, but I retired the SerpenCo business around 10 years ago. I don't work with any animals any longer.
    Hey Rich, I would like to thank you for putting up this site and maintaining it for such a long time that we, the new generation of keepers and breeders, use as a reference. Both this site and IansVivarium has helped me a lot.
    Thanks for the offer, but honestly I've never made up any banners for this site other than the logo I use here and on my FaunaTopSites.com website.

    What "footer" are you referring to anyway?
    Hiya Rich, have you got a banner i can use to advertise your site?, il put the banner in my footer - if thats okay and you have a banner i can use the size best would be 468 × 60 pixels
    Hi Rich. I'm baaccckk! I'm Caryl from Mississippi. I have been out of circulation due to a disabling injury. My problem niw is that I can't log in under my "Caryl" profile and no longer have the email addy associated with it (which was [email protected]). Unable to search members without registering, I wasn't even sure I still existed. So I created a new account as Caryl Sue. Can you help me merge back into who I am? I will be a contributor again but want to be Caryl when I am. I will answer whatever kind of questions for security if you like. Thanks so much for helping resolve this problem.
    Two options for you come to mind.

    Post your animals for sale in the classifieds section and provide a link to your site that way, or
    Post a link to your site in your signature area.

    Or you can do both. :)
    Hey Rich Z, i like your forum!!

    Is there chance i can put a link on the forum to my website, Im starting to breed cornsnakes and want to sell some off on mysite, it dosnt have a forum so i wouldnt be poching members
    Hey Rich, I want to gift a membership to Albertagirl Sharan, let me know what email to PayPal you.

    Rich, hi...I still want my forum. I know I owe you dues. I am having trouble with paypal, but am working on it.
    I doubt it. From what I have heard, some of those sites being redirected to are paying $1 or more for every referral to them. So apparently some spammers are getting a financial incentive for their handiwork.
    Interesting note, possibly related to your server issues - Moreliapythons.com (who run vBulletin, though a newer version) has also been hacked, and has been down for at least a couple of days. Wonder if someone is going after snake sites...?
    Beth, yes, I see the transaction in my PayPal log as well as I have an email receipt for your payment. However the transaction log here on CS says an error happened with an "invalid payment amount". Whatever that means! But evidently the program code here kicked out the payment and didn't process it. Can you hold tight for a little bit until I can get my programmer to take a look at this problem? I don't want to change anything till then so I don't possibly obscure the cause.

    Sorry about this...

    Rich Z.
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