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  • tee hee. It gave me the chills just being there. Although it was funny seeing naked neck chickens running around outside.
    Oh okay. Similar to what I have seen. Where I got my dog. There were junk cars everywhere and looked like something out of a movie similar to Wrong Turn.
    Little Rock isn't so bad neither is North Little Rock. Traffic is kinda bad. I don't think I have been to Springdale.
    you probably won't believe this, but I have a photo of my son holding a dead piglet!!! He's in Chef School
    uh...I'm not sure how old he is...my hubby never asked. :*( perhaps I should go back to the pet store and ask if they have ANY idea. :D As of right now he is 18 1/2 inches long, about as fat as my middle finger, and onrey as hell!!!! but he was living at the pet store for about a month and a half before we bought him (b/c i saw him when we bought our turtles about a month and a half ago.) It was a fairly decent pet store, most of their animals are in great shape...so maybe they'll have some sort of record or memory of the snake. The owner is a super great guy!
    Thank you. I'm in love with my snake. Except he's a pig....it's been 6 whole days since we last fed him (was trying for 7) but he kept trying to eat my fingers....fed him his pinkie....he attacked it like nobody's business!!! (better the dead pinkie than mine!!)
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