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  • ok I went on the link provided. They say a tank that is 36x12x18. I got mine (30x12x18) cause most things I had read before I got him said that a 20L tank was good.

    He eats and sheds great.
    I currently have my smallish youngish male ball in a 29 critter tank. He is a little bit longer than the tank, most of the time this doesnt seem to bother him. He spends most of the time that I see hiding in his tree stump. He loves it, poking his head out to watch me. But there are the times when he "stretches his legs" that I feel the tank is to small for him. But the tank is ok for him?
    pst.. sounds like you know your balls...

    ok.. that sounded wrong... ball pythons... there.. can I pick your brain a sec?
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