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  • I don't think I am going to be able to be pulled away from the Pens. However, I will cheer for the Avs ;) unless they are playing the Pens. Mark needs a new hat. He has an old, dirty, smelly Sakic hat!
    You know Lars, I am really excited that Roy is going to be the coach. They also are leaving the team finale decisions left up to Roy and Sakic. I believe the Avs are going to become real contenders now!
    Yes, same here, Lars. It is great to know there is someone with experience not only online to help out, but someone I can actually meet at shows and talk to first-hand. It was very generous of John to offer me a couple of "freebies", and much appreciated. Someday I'll have so many I'll probably be cursing him for hooking me. Did either you or John get a chance to look at my Whiteout's eye issue in the health section? Others are suggesting a vet as well. Still think keeping him dry for awhile may help? I don't care to invest in a vet, but I don't want to lose the snake, either.
    Bacon is getting big! He eats pretty good for me! He will miss a week here or there. The most he has gone is about a 3 weeks.
    I was going to do a project with Chris. Piglet and one of his TS Ghosts. But I couldn't get it together and the weather didn't help getting her down here. So maybe next year!
    I only have one project this time...
    It is bloodred het pied x granite het pied. Banshee is gravid and should lay eggs any day. My fingers are crossed that they are fertile.
    :) Not a huge major pairing but really fun!
    I might see you then. I will be there in the morning though want to avoid any possible snow over monument. Yep they are getting big.
    I saw the hatchlings! They are really cool looking. Um, I'm trying to figure out how much it's going to cost me in the end, so as to figure out how many kids I have to babysit before I can get it. Thanks :)
    P.s. Your PM box is full :p
    hehe sorry im really late replying, i was really busy cuz i was in school, when i got out i only had a week break so i was really busy that week, but now im off for three weeks so i can actually go on.
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