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  • Hi, I live in Hoo in Kent in the UK. I got my first corn snake 13yrs ago, he was two at the time and no longer wanted. Since then I have rescued another male, both who live happily in one vivarium. Last year I was given 5 adult corns, I rehoused 2 of them, and kept three. I don't know what the names are for their colours, how to sex them or anything, I just love them. The three I kept were in one vivarium and on Sunday I was shocked to find eggs! Stupid I know as I had nothing prepared! I bought some moss, a plastic box which I put holes in, placed the white eggs in it the way they were laid; have thermostat and the temperature is about 80degrees- have the box in a vivarium with a heat mat, can't afford an incubator! I would welcome any advice to hatch the eggs successfully. I haven't posted pictures of the eggs and the parents cos I don't know how! Thanking you all for any help and advice in advance. Jojo58
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