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  • Thanks for the REP, girlie...I appreciate it!
    HEY! What are doing in here?: Dalmatian Cream Gecko~Lower Price
    You're gonna' get one, lol...aren't you?
    I use an application (it's free, btw) called "The Gimp" for my image editing. There is actually a section called "decor" on the program, which gives you the option to click and produce the drop shadow effect. You can control the size of it. I don't know if your image editing software has that option, but I'd guess it does. You might want to do a search once you're in that application, and look for "drop shadow".
    Good, I'm glad you phoned! I want you to get Mango. Maybe we can do a SSS (super secret snake) project together, LOL.
    I read it in one of the books. I think it was in Kathy Love's "Corn Snake Manual." I wish I could remember where I put the book, we moved recently and my books are still in boxes. It is a lot easier to do on a nice clean shed skin (the living snake moves too much), start on the scales after the vent and count the rows of scales down to the tip. A male will have over a hundred, a female will have less, but I forget the exact numbers.
    LOL...inquiring minds want to know. We need to talk IRL. PM me your number if you'd like that! ;)
    It sure is.
    Gamaliel's Principle is the historical basis for many mathematical principle's,
    Pascal's Wager,
    and the separation of Church and State.
    Thanks! Yes, I love that picture. I'm a terrible photographer and it was taken with my cell phone, so it was just a lucky shot. I snapped that in the car on the way home from the rescue the day I got her. I wish I still had that ring!
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