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  • Just found out that the corn snake were getting shed about a week ago how often will it shed and how quickly do they grow? Thankyou for help very much appreciated.
    We are getting a 3 year old corn snake on Friday, as you can Imagine we are doing alot of research, and we have a few question and would love some insight as we are first time snake owners. We don't know what sex the corn snake is, the information we do have is this; the snake is kept in a 3 by 2 Ft Viv, is this big enough for the 3 year old snake, and we would like to know also how often to feed, we've been told once a week, is this enough? We were told that a three year old corn snake is eating jumbo mice, but we are having trouble finding them, what would you suggest for an alternative? Is there a point where a corn snake stops shedding? At what age do they reach adult hood, and is a 3yrs old corn snake considered an adult?.
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