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  • There's also another new edition to the group....
    My new '11 male Hypo Nicaraguan Dwarf Boa.. Thanks, for the congrats & the compliment.. Means alot, coming from a beauty!!!
    Hello... I did get a female ball python, to go along with my male, and I call them Neo & Trinity
    I plan to eventually get a female Ball, so I want a name that I could pair with the female later... My initial thoughts were Dastan & Tamina (Prince of Persia Movie), Dom & Letti (Fast & Furious Series), Neo & Trinity (Matrix Movies), Ozzy & Sharon (Osbourne), or Lestat & Akasha (Vampire Chronicles : Anne Rice)
    Hello, Sarah... Just brought home a male baby Ball Python (normal)... Any good suggestions for a name, for him ???
    How did you post your pics, to your profile ?? I have a Butter Corn, a Tremper Albino Gecko, a Bearded Dragon, & a Pit Bull Terrier I'm dying to show off... Already have pics on photobucket, but can't seem to get them to post, on here... Any good advice would be appreciated..
    Sarah, I'm just now seeing this on my page! I'm sorry I missed it. I'm so happy that Dallas got his poop on, lol. ;)
    Thanx....i try.....i was thinking this just now, u really have to love herps to get into this hobby, cuz loving herps is putting love and time to animals/hobby with out expecting love/time back from them...heck some of them could kill us, yet we put our love, blood sweat and tears into them. To me thats wat love and passion for this hobby means.
    That's great! Let's hope you won't have to through this again. On the other side, less spot cleaning for you. =D
    I find it weird you grew a pair.....lol Im not a mean person and she is my sisters friend. if she wont give it up im going to have to tho lol.
    Haha lol. She's not really a stalker just someone who cant seem to take a hint and I dont want to be mean to lol.
    I had a few people pretty much telling me to shut up so I cooled down lol. my life has also been pretty busy for the past little bit dealing with just random life stuff and a stalker lol.
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