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  • Hi skinz my apologies for sending u this message not knowing u my 4 month old snow corn escaped on Monday I've searched every were no scales or blood anywere but I'm worried my bulldog may have eaten her I have put hides near walls food traps water bowls and heate mats in variouse locations. I'm really worried that my dog could of eaten it. Or is it more likely she is hiding somewhere. Or am I stressing about nothing and it will turn up plz ?
    Just a quick update for you all on how addicted I am to exotics now...I now own Tropical fish, 2 Bearded dragons, 2 Leopard Gecko's, a Corn Snake, 2 Fire Bellied Toads and will be collecting an 8ft Burmese Python next week once his Viv is built...
    This is getting silly now...A mate of mine has just taken me round to his cousin who was selling a pair of leopard gecko's and his complete setup for silly money. Yep you guessed it I bought them. So I now own A corn snake a pair of bearded dragons and a pair of leopard gecko's. Still at least I know we won't be gettin a spider now.
    Think I've got the exotic pet bug. Just spent another wedge of cash on another 4ft vivarium with all the necessaries and a pair of juvenile bearded dragons. The cat is going mental watching the locusts jumping around. Ever since I got my cornsnake he has at the dining table staring at her slolwy going round in her viv, but now there's fast moving locusts he having kittens...Lol
    your welcome:) and thank you!! he is :) i know snake cant love but i sure love hiim haha specially when he puts his head up and lets me scratch his chin!! <33 ahaha hes a sweet heart
    Its fine! All it means is that the snake carries the gene for a specific trait. So it may not look like it, but it still carries it. For example a normal get anery means that it looks normal and carries the gene for anery. So if were to breed the animal, a percentage of the babies may be anery. It all depends on what you breed it to too.
    Just to add - monthly feeds don't seem to have done her any long-term harm. She looks to be in great shape!
    Hiya! Wowsa - she's a looker alright! What lovely markings.

    My snake experience (such as it is) is certainly available to anyone who needs it. I don't have all the answers by any means, but if you chuck me in with the rest of the board we can usually come up with some sort of answer between us.

    Yep, the UK side can be pretty quiet - as you've probably seen, the board membership is mainly US-based.
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