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  • Those sounds like great morphs! I would love to have some of the same type, but I don't have enough room for any more snakes haha! Someday soon I'll get my own reptile room and I can have all the snakes I want :)
    Now worries! I think your english is fine :)

    I only have one corn and he's a Snow, but I also have a whitewater rosy boa and an albino checekred garter snake.

    What morphs do you have?
    I don't know! I have never tried to export to Mexico before. I don't even know anyone that can. I would be more than happy to help you out, but I don't know?!?!
    That's great and a bit surprising. I guess things will continue to get better as long as there are good breeders there.
    I really enjoy working with Bloodreds! They make up a good portion of it. I have 2.0 Bloodreds, 0.1 Granite, 1.1 Hypo Pewters and several snakes that het Bloodred. I'm really hoping for a few Sulfers (Caramel Bloodreds) and Fires (Amel Bloodreds) in a couple of years.

    I also enjoy working with Lavenders and Amels.

    I don't have a clear cut idea of what I want to work with because I love so many.

    OH GOODNESS! You want me to name all the morphs I have? Honestly haven't broken them down. If you want, check out my site. You will see everyone there. The Majority of the snakes on my Available page are temporary keepers. Genetic issue! The rest are easy to find under Photo Gallery at the top of the page.


    Anytime you want to talk, I am more than willing.

    I am 32 years old. I have around 70 Corns at the moment and I live in New Hampshire which is a long way from Mexico. :)

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