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Nanci 12-21-2013 01:05 PM

2014 Planned Pairings, June UPDATES!!!
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Heart Attack x Mingo

Status: Delayed for 2014

Male: Amel Cinder, Stripe ( Amel, Cinder, Stripe )

Female: Opal, Stripe ( Amel, Lavender, Stripe )


1 / 1 Amel, Stripe het Cinder, Lavender

F2 would produce:

Male: Amel, Stripe het Cinder, Lavender

Female: Amel, Stripe het Cinder, Lavender


9 / 16 Amel, Stripe 66% poss het. Lavender, Cinder
3 / 16 Opal, Stripe ( Amel, Lavender, Stripe ) 66% poss het. Cinder
3 / 16 Amel Cinder, Stripe ( Amel, Cinder, Stripe ) 66% poss het. Lavender
1 / 16 Amel Cinder, Lavender, Stripe ( Amel, Cinder, Lavender, Stripe )

**I'm not sure I'll do this- just tossing it around, would there be any interest in these babies??

Nanci 12-21-2013 01:08 PM

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Cupcake x Todavia No

Status: 16 thriving babies, and surprise Amel hets!

Male: Cinder, Lava

Female: Sunkissed Lava ( Lava, Sunkissed )


1 / 1 Lava het Cinder, Sunkissed

This is Carol's project- I'm just supplying the daddy!!

Nanci 12-21-2013 01:13 PM

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Gartersnake x Starling

Status: Decided not to breed them this season

SMR Okeetee Tessera and Strange Cargo Extreme Okeetee (daughter of Halloween Okeetee)

Expecting Okeetees- some Tesseras, some not! The Tessera gene often makes "regular" animals with a Tessera parent even prettier, for some reason.

Nanci 12-21-2013 01:17 PM

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Gator x Hyacinth

Status: Holding off till 2015

Expecting Plasmas and Plasma Stripes.

Nanci 12-21-2013 01:23 PM

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Maybe, if Zeph is old enough to breed...and Lily has slugged out in two previous breedings, with the same male. Was it her? Was it him?

Zeph x Lily

Status: too much other stuff going on, I'm giving Zeph another year to grow.

Male: Tesseral het Diffused, Lavender

Female: Plasma ( Diffused, Lavender )


1 / 8 Tessera Lavender het Diffused
1 / 8 Tessera Diffused het Lavender
1 / 8 Tessera het Lavender, Diffused
1 / 8 Tessera Plasma ( Diffused, Lavender )

1 / 8 Lavender het Diffused
1 / 8 Diffused het Lavender
1 / 8 Normal het Lavender, Diffused
1 / 8 Plasma ( Diffused, Lavender )

**additionally, Zeph is possible heterozygous Amel, Anery, Hypo AND Stripe!

The F2 should have lots of surprises in store!

Nanci 12-21-2013 01:31 PM

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Nix x Buzztail

Status: 5 gorgeous Tesseras, and 7 beautiful bloodreds! AVAILABLE!

Male: Diffused het Hypo, Lavender (possible het amel caramel)

Female: Diffused het Anery


1/2 Diffused Tessera 50% poss het. Lavender, Anery, Hypo

1/2 Diffused 50% poss het. Lavender, Anery, Hypo

Nix's breeding season finished up in time for him to squeeze in one more mate, so Buzztail is off to the south for a honeymoon! I am excited by the prospect of bloodred Tesseras, but the "plain" bloodred babies will have awesome het genes, too!

insomniac101 12-21-2013 01:41 PM

Those look like some really exciting pairings Nanci! I think some of my snake budget for next year is going to Florida!


Nanci 12-21-2013 02:42 PM

2014 Planned Pairings
I think I might probably do the Pinstripe Miami Motley pairing again, too. They seemed pretty popular!

*edit- I did proceed with this breeding and Loco and Zora are actively mating right now.

5 Star Serpents 12-21-2013 03:45 PM

Nanci...I may have to send some bank roll your way this season! I always love what you produce!!

Oh and to add, I think the first pairing that is a maybe is a great one personally!

maxfox426 12-21-2013 05:19 PM

All of these are stunning plans!

For what it's worth, I could quite probably be talked into a baby from Heart Attack x Mingo. A boy baby from that outcome would be a potential good match for one, maybe two of my girls. (Namely, Roxy... Peppermint 66% ph. Lavender)

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