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  • Good morning, Nancy! I've been reading your stickies on breeding, egg care, and related things. You state that you feed the females every 7 to 10 days depending on your weight requirements. Am I correct in assuming you don't brumate your breeders? Also, what weights are you trying to achieve in your females? Thank you!
    Good morning, Nancy. I was just wondering why my profile pic won't show up under my name like others in this forum. Thanks!
    Hi Nanci, I just got a 4-6 month old snow corn 2 days ago. I know it's recommended to mess with her for at least a week but she currently has a stuck shed. Do you think I should try to give her a soak now or wait until I've had her for a little bit? Thanks so much for your input!
    Nanci - been doing quite a bit about corn snakes lately to update my knowledge after recently getting my son one ( he's mine really, I tell you!!). Your name just keeps popping up. Love the gentle way you nudge noobies like me in the right direction on the forum, despite your pretty deep and vast experience. Great podcast on Corn on the Pod. 78k posts on here - don't think I have ever seen such a high number on any forum of any sort! I've learned a lot from them. Good on you.
    i read your post about how to help a bad shed, the only problem is my corn doesn't like water. on Thursday i tried to give her a warm bath and she wouldn't go in the water. when i sprinkled water on her she hissed at me
    hi i was wondering if you had advise for heating, my 20 gal long glass screen top tank is at 80 degrees F before heating and lighting, if i turn on my heating pad it gets to 90 degrees, i am using a rheostat, which is to hot for my baby (4 months) corn i don't
    know if this is ok and i don't go to the vet for another week or so.
    Hi Nanci, Just wanted to touch base with you and see if you are still breeding snakes and see what you have or will have available. Someone (I forgot who it was) mentioned on my thread that they got a snake from you.

    I am in no hurry to get one. I am looking for either a juvenile or possibly a corn that is older. Just one that is not snippy would be good for me.
    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.
    reptilelover is online now Forward Message
    The pictures are so stunning!!! :D
    What do you shoot with? and how are the pictures so great!? XD
    *Im so jelly* XD
    That's what I thought. If I don't need to go up too PA next week I think I will be at that one.
    Do you go to the port Richie repticon or the fire breeders expo? Which would you suggest if I can only do one
    Do you have the ACR#'s for the parents to my Miami Pinstripe Motley?
    **Disregard, I did some searching and located them :)
    Hi! You responded to my concerns on my 10yr+ female corn snake on 4-30-2014. She has laid 8 eggs so far. Still has not eaten. I has been about 2 months now without eating. She is still active. I provided the lay box with the moist moss. The eggs she laid were outside the lay box but she does get into it. Been 5 days since she last laid any eggs. Just be patient and wait, right?
    Hi! You mentioned the "Discussions About This Site" thread when I posted about reputations, I have never even been that close to the bottom of the page! I knew there were people's personal sites, but I just realized I never went past them. Thanks, lady, your really are one of the best members on this site.
    Once I see the first egg slit, I remove the covering. I leave the lid on for the entire hatching period, and just remove the babies several times a day.
    I have the eggs covered with kitchen paper towelling. Should i leave it on or take it off? when does the lid come off the container they are kept in?
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