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    Vet prices/scale rot?

    Hello! About how much would it cost to take a very young corn snake in to the vet to check for scale rot, and then how much would it be to buy the medicine? Thanks! (Also, is the added picture scale rot?) :ok_01:
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    Scale rot/good weight?

    Hey everyone! I'm a fairly new corn snake owner, and I got my first baby about 2 months ago! His name is Juice and has had no issues at all so far. He hasn't missed a meal yet and is fairly active, moving around his tank a bit and hiding in his favorite areas. Recently I saw a red splotch on his...
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    Baby corn scale rot?

    My brand new baby corn snake has 2 very, very tiny red-ish brown splotches near the end of her tail. Is this scale rot?
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    18 gallon tank? Need help ASAP!

    Hello! I'm getting my first corn snake soon and I'm super excited! I want to take very good care of it, though. I'm going to get a very small baby snake, and I have a 18 gallon tank right now. I know the minimum is 20 gallon, but could I keep the baby in the 18 right now and upgrade it in about...
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    Good live plants?

    Hello! I'm new to taking care of corn snakes, and I would love to have some nice live or fake succulents in the tank with them. Are they safe? What are some good types? Thank you! :dancer: