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Scale rot/good weight?


New member
Hey everyone! I'm a fairly new corn snake owner, and I got my first baby about 2 months ago! His name is Juice and has had no issues at all so far. He hasn't missed a meal yet and is fairly active, moving around his tank a bit and hiding in his favorite areas. Recently I saw a red splotch on his belly, and I'm really worried it's scale rot. Also, just to check, does he look like a good weight? I might move up the size of the mice he eats soon because he's grown a lot.

I added a picture of him in my hand and the clearest picture I could get of his stomach. It's near his tail and he really didn't like it when I gently lifted it up to get a picture!:shrugs:


  • top.JPG
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  • scalerot.JPG
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Hi how old and what dose he weight?
I am sorry I don't know anything about scale rot
Knowing his age and his weight will help to tell you if you are feeding him the right size mice

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