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  1. Reptile Lover 23

    my Newest Reptiles!!

    Top one- Ripley bottom one-Rango1 The inclosure they are in is temporary, the will be given an 8ft x 8ft x 7ft when they are slightly bigger, once fully grown they will get a 16ft x 8ft x 7 ft room :)
  2. Reptile Lover 23

    Quick question, regarding (Green Iguanas)

    Im now the proud owner of Two juvenile Green Iguanas, and i want to know if theres any PDF care sheets anywhere i can download or if someone can make one for me any help appriciated
  3. Reptile Lover 23

    WANTED Tegu

    i am seeking a tegu prefer a 2-3 year old tegu if anyone knows any for sale or for rehoming please let me know i will be looking to get one in 3-4 months time
  4. Reptile Lover 23

    Reptile room project

    Hi all This is going to be an on-going project for the next few months, With my reptile collection getting bigger and now i have started breeding cornsnakes i have decided that im going to build an 8ftx20ftx8ft Reptile room in my back yard (others may call this a shed) It is going to be...
  5. Reptile Lover 23

    Need a little help please regarding rexy

    My girl Rexy is 8 years old This all started after i introduced the male corn Jarvis I put them togeather for 24hrs then seperated them for 24hrs then put them back togeather for 24hrs then seperated them and the next day (Rexy) went into blue and had a full shed i noticed a very small amount...
  6. Reptile Lover 23

    Part home made cornsnake enclosure

    Hey everyone (This was back when i first started it) first up is my half home made cornsnake enclosure i bought a rabbit hutch and "modified" it to suite my needs, I will admit its not the best looking vivarium in the world and there's still work that needs doing.... having said that the top...
  7. Reptile Lover 23

    Meet my cornsnakes

    Hi everyone Meet rexy She is a classic carolina she is just short of (5 1/2ft) she is 8 years old Meet Jarvis Hes so beautiful He is a anery about 3ft long and 2 years old
  8. Reptile Lover 23

    My homemade incubator

    Hi every body This will be my first post :dancer: So over the past few days i have been making an incubator, il do my best to explain all the stuff. It hasnt been tested with eggs yet and there is still some setting up todo So this is the incubator as you can see it made from a polystyrene...
  9. Reptile Lover 23

    Hey everyone, im new

    Hey all, yes im new to this site, Im not new to reptiles, I have: 2 cornsnakes 2 crested geckos 1 bearded dragon and lets not forget all the bugs to go with. I have a few projects that i have been on with and i will put them up tomorrow :) Hope this turn out to be worth it :)