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My homemade incubator

Reptile Lover 23

Walney Reptiles
Hi every body

This will be my first post :dancer:

So over the past few days i have been making an incubator, il do my best to explain all the stuff. It hasnt been tested with eggs yet and there is still some setting up todo


So this is the incubator as you can see it made from a polystyrene box, as you can see there is a cut out which is a viewing window to see inside


This is the control box i made for the incubator, it has an STC-1000 for the thermostat it automaticly gose from heating to cooling if the temprature exceeds the temprature i set it to it has a temprature probe on it that can be places in the water or in with the eggs, then we have a humidity gauge and a second temprature gauge so i can monitor water or air temp inside the box.

The switches on the right, top black one is an intake fan and the red one is an internal light, the bottom one is and exhaust fan, the switch to the left of the three big switches turns an old Pc power supply off or on.


Here you can see the top view of all the wires and the cooling fan for the power supply.


this is the intake side as you can see i have a fan and a vent whcih i can adjust up and down to change the volume of air going it (i can also turn the fan off with the control box)


this is the exhaust fan which is the same as the intanke fan but instead the fan blow out the box instead of in.


This is a bad photo sorry, Inside the is a Fish tank water heater 50Watts, under the egg create the type used under sand in Fish tank, also you can see wires for sensors and a water pump to keep the water flowing so the heat get spread evenly.

Hope i explained things good enough if you have any questions please ask away