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  1. crackerhead

    Excited to be part of this group

    May I ask, is the Oct Expo you are intending to attend the Tinley NARBC in Tinley Park, IL? If so I live in the area and have attended from it's inception. It's a HUGE show and very crowded in October. If you can swing it, I'd recommend purchasing a VIP badge so you can enter before the swarms...
  2. crackerhead

    Older corn snake

    What exactly do you mean by "register"? As in Guinness World Records?
  3. crackerhead

    Weird "biting" behavior

    The behavior is commonly seen in king snakes and I like to call it "Tasting". It isn't really aggressive but more like an inquisitive poke and nibble to see if you're edible. lol When I see the behavior coming, I gently redirect the animal's head/attention. Now for the why all the sudden part...
  4. crackerhead

    Upgrading from 10 gal to 36x24x18 for 8 month old cornsnake. Will this work for lights?

    Try not to over think. Corns need very little to thrive; a heat source, clean water, food, light, a place to hide and room to move around in order to thermoregulate and exercise. They are mostly nocturnal, so UVA/UVB doesn't really play into a "needs" category and can add a lot of expense to the...
  5. crackerhead

    Old Snake with Adhesion

    What "exactly" did the vet speculate the lump was caused by? Is it an infection, a burn, a benign growth, a tumor, etc.? When it "broke" did pus weep/ooze out? What was the cream the vet gave you? Did the vet offer antibiotics, oral or injectable? I agree with the approach the reptile shop owner...
  6. crackerhead

    SpiritSerpents 2024 pairings

    I raise chickens and quail and occasionally one of the older ladies will lay a rubbery/unshelled egg. Chronic soft shelled eggs are usually a calcium deficiency in birds but the occasional one is probably a hiccup in the shelling process. That said, I was curious as to their viability so I've...
  7. crackerhead

    Super Salmon Snow Corn Snake Genetics

    Barring any additional hidden genes (unknown Hets) you would get all Super Salmon Snows PH Motley.
  8. crackerhead

    A change is coming.....

    It's learning process. I'm just happy CS is still here! So much knowledge saved in this digital space. It would be tragic to lose it. Thanks for your effort and I'll keep playing and learning.:)
  9. crackerhead

    Care of the Breeding Female

    Eggs left outside the lay box is normal for some snakes. In my experience these eggs are usually infertile. Occasionally you get a snake that just didn't read the manual and lays none of her clutch in the lay box but rather scattered throughout the enclosure or, worse yet, in her water bowl...
  10. crackerhead

    hello here's my snake, spore

    Welcome! Great name. How did you decide on it? There is a ton of useful info here, as well as great peeps. Glad to have you on board. Terri
  11. crackerhead

    Corn snake acting different than usual

    You didn't say if you have other corn snakes. If you do and any of them are female, you could be looking at breeding behavior. Males go on seek and copulate missions this time of year, frequently in response to pheromones wafting in the air. As long as nothing else in his environment has changed...
  12. crackerhead

    I might be too old...

    Welcome back! The new form is going to take some getting used to, but well worth the effort. Glad to see CS is back up and running. Thanks Rich.
  13. crackerhead

    Toad Love

    I collected some toad eggs last night from a vernal pool as they were being laid. I took them home and popped them under the microscope to watch them divide. Nature is just amazing! Enjoy, Terri
  14. crackerhead

    Odds and Ends

    The following animals have just had their 6th meal and are available. Lava Blood Tesseras Het Anery (moving to a new home) Anery Blood Tesseras Het Lava Ice Tessera Het Blood Blood Tessera Het Lava Anery Lava Stripes Caramel Blood Tesseras Caramel Tesseras Honeys Butter Hypo Stripes More to...
  15. crackerhead

    Nice Final Clutch of 2014

    Hatched out on Christmas day. My favorite kind of clutch, a little of everything. Plus the target morph: Dilute Anery SK Motley SWEET! Terri
  16. crackerhead

    Coral Snow Corn Not Eating

    For those of you who wanted an update: Eating F/T pinkies with a bit of an attitude!
  17. crackerhead

    Get the dust pan and brush,

    Clean up on aisle five! Shatters!
  18. crackerhead

    Het Scaleless Plasmas

    I have a couple of Het Scaleless Plasmas available for $500 plus shipping. Given that they are Normals Het for Scaleless and Plasma pictures serve no real purpose. Thanks, Terri
  19. crackerhead

    Lava Stripes Stuff

    I have a test breeding clutch of animals all containing Lava, Lavender and Stripe available. There are Stripes Het Lavender Lava ($50), Striped Lavenders Het Lava ($80), Striped Lavas Het Lavender ($150) and Striped Lava Lavenders ($250). (shipping is extra) Here are pictures of the less common...
  20. crackerhead

    Collection Sale

    Peppermint Het Caramel 2013