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  • Happy birthday Terri! It's Dee from WI. We met at Sewerfest many years ago.
    I'm getting back into corns and thought of you!
    I couldn't remember my previous password but my screen name was a_god_s.
    Hello Terri,
    I was referred to you by Danny Wynne.
    I'm looking for Salmon Snow Stripe and a variety of other morphs in Stripe or Motley.
    Thank you for your time.
    Hello....I am brand new to this site and in the process of making a decision on a new baby corn snake. I planned on attending the Wheaton show this Saturday with my family. I live in Cary with hopes you could direct me where to purchase a quality baby corn and also be able to maintain a source for feed. I saw you also live in the Chicagoland area. With hopes to meet you at the show and give me some direction. I am fairly versed but seeking any advice you could relay for a newbie. Thank you in advance.....looking forward to hearing from you. :) Thanks!!
    Here's wishing you a safe journey and hoping you bring us home a pretty little lady!!!
    Four of Alain's seven hatchlings have eaten, two regurged. They're so small that even pinky's are a big meal for them. Fortunately the two that kept it down are the Lava Bloods with the awesome diffusion! How you doin'??
    I've got a real nice Lava from the clutch that produced the Lava Lavs and Striped Lava Lavs. It's presently on hold for the person you said requested one. If you have their email addy I'd be happy to send pics or I can send to you and you can forward.
    Nice! Well we know the Opal Stripe is a definite possiblity. Good luck with that clutch!
    I'm planning on coming back in a month or so. I'll pick up another corn and say hi. =]
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