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  1. C

    Butter Mot, Caramot and Lavender

    Here are my '06 male butter mot and caramot, and my '05 lavender female. Will try and get some shots of the rest of my collection
  2. C

    Okeetee and Miami

    Here is my female '06 okeetee, i will get photos of the male soon Here are some photos of my male '05 miami
  3. C

    New corns

    Here are four new corns i got at the weekend. Female Okeetee Female Caramel het amel poss het motley Female Butter het amel poss het motley Male Okeetee
  4. C

    Introducing snakes

    Just a query really, when introducing snakes to breed, is there usually alot of fighting?? Also when the snakes have succesfully mated, when you go to put them back into their vivs, will they try to bite? Just something i was thinking of today, so i can be prepared when i breed my snakes.
  5. C

    All of my pets

    I thought i would show everyone photos of all of my pets. First up are my corns. Bonnie my green blotch snow Clyde my hypo Comet my creamsicle Ebony my ghost Fudge my amber
  6. C


    I just wondered if my snow was a 'normal' snow, what do you guys think?
  7. C

    My corns

    Here are my corn snakes Tango my '05 Amel Orion my '05 Miami Ebony my '05 Ghost Phoenix my '05 Snow Fudge my '05 Amber