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Hi fellow corn snake lovers! My albino corn Cleo was almost 20 and passed away yesterday. She was the best...always got excited at meal time...she only regurgitated once in her whole life...whenever I would clean the viv she would think it was meal time at first and when she realized it was me cleaning she would go under one of her logs and let me clean. She behaved so well and we had her for her entire life. She just got fed 4 days ago...ate with no problems. Then yesterday she was in an odd position and I always was able to get her attention by tapping softly on the viv cover. She would always come out ready to eat. When there was no movement I had a feeling something was wrong. She did lose a bit of weight but very little. I think it was just her time. I will miss her terribly.

Does anyone know of or have an adult corn for sale I would love hearing. Cleo had a diet of thawed mice and would like the same in my new corn. The viv I have is large suitable for a full or almost full grown corn.

Thanks for reading & have a nice day!