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  • I see you have corn snake morphs. I am very interested in in a female fire or cayenne corn snake. So you have any now for sale or know of someone.
    Hello...name is Randy..and I'm new to the cornsnake world and saw your based her in Washington State...just wondering how to go about getting one...and which ones are you carrying?tgx
    I just sent you another payment on the cinder girl, I think that just leaves shipping left, right? My PM box is starting to overflow ...
    I apologize for question 2 as you explained it in a previous post on my wall and I just noticed it. I will try and be in there getting one on hold with deposit as soon as I see you taking orders. Thanks again.
    How many Miami Tessera are you expecting? Do you have any folks you have already told you'd hold for or how do you work as far as that goes? If you get any hatchlings, do you have a rough estimate of what you expect to sell them for?

    Thanks for getting in touch with me on the clutch. I'm going to be following the thread religiously, haha.
    "who had bred these animals in the past..." geez, I can speak this morning. Sorry if I was unclear.

    In continuing our conversation regarding the Miami Tesseras from late last year, do you know of any persons on CS that have breeding plans like this, this upcoming year?

    If not, I can always post. Was just curious as to if you had spoken with others around the community about these animals who had bred them in the past, or if there were any good lineage lines based on your knowledge, that I could look to try and purchase from (other breeders).
    Ok so I looked again and I see yours is more orange then the Carmel lol
    If I could sell one of my Tessera then I would buy one of yours they're gorgeous!!
    You may have only had one clutch but they are very pretty little babies!! Is Brokk a carmel??
    Well I don't want to get any more Tessera I got two from Hector in a group I bought from him. I also don't need any hypo bloodreds....going to need to downsize those lol...the group had a lot of snakes trying to get a little more of a variety :)
    I visit my daughter in Bremerton so plan on going to the next show up there too....it's a long drive but I drive it on a regular basis. I know that you have the tessera for sale but are you selling any others??
    I've been chatting with Solana and she gave me your name said your great...would like to get to know some of the breeders in Washington/Oregon it would be easier to buy snakes closer and wouldn't have to pay shipping costs and it would be great to have options in the area I have checked out ghosthouse corns she has mostly cinders but I like them just wondering what others have here before buying and shipping.....plan on going to the Portland show...appreciate any info and by the way your babies are amazing!!
    Sadness. I will be monitoring though, just in case. Brokk may be one of my favorite snakes I've seen out there (at least cornsnake). So awesome.

    Anyway, let me know if things change and you put it back into your plans. Thanks for letting me know :)
    Out of curiosity sake, when is the next time you and Tara plan on breeding Brokk to create more Miami Tesseras.
    I have one anery (a girl btw) and 3 anery pinstripes. Lemme know, still got to see how they eat and all too...
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