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NEWReptiles "moderating" chat room
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Old 12-02-2004, 12:05 AM   #1
NEWReptiles "moderating" chat room

Hey Rich,

Who is NEWReptiles4096 in the chat room as a moderator?

The chat room crashed tonight and multiple people tried to log back in a few times until it opened back up. Each time you'd log in, unfortunately, the room would keep that name logged in and put you as another name (different number). OK, so the room starts working again and we're all talking normally (with like 35 "ghost" names listed from the mixup that we can't do anything about) and NEWReptiles comes in and says something to the effect of "How many times you got to log in, Hurley?" I didn't know him, I thought he was joking because of the trouble, and just lol'd him and went on about our conversation. Then he froze me, started harassing everyone, and being rude and arrogant for no reason. He didn't let us explain (or didn't listen to the explanation) and when we asked him who he was since we've never seen him before, he starts booting people.

What's the deal??

If you want the logs...time is 10 pm CST, participants were Taceas, Hurley, Serpwidgets...

Found him on Fauna, the name is Al Guetzkow as NEWReptiles. He's been a fauna member for only 2 months.
Old 12-02-2004, 12:22 AM   #2
Ya, the guy came in, froze Hurley, and when Taceas told him to leave Hurley alone that she didn't do anything, he booted Taceas. (Yay, let's boot people for asking why someone else is being booted.) It felt like the "good" old days on
Old 12-02-2004, 12:41 AM   #3
I'm still almost too mad to talk about it.

I got booted out and I tried to log back in, but didn't work. So I disconnected my connection and reconnected and re-logged into the chat room. We all come in and get stuck in "Cornsnakes-1" with 40 different numbered "Hurleys" in "Cornsnakes", the usual chatroom.

We're chit chatting about it and then on to a different topic, when NEWReptiles4096 comes in and starts shouting (typing in caps). Based on the username, I thought it was some uppity member being a smart aleck, so I made some half-funny emote of "frantically finds the ignore button". And then all hell breaks loose..

Hurley gets booted, comes back and then tries to talk and then gets frozen...I inquire as to why she was frozen and I get warned not to talk back. Now that doesn't settle well with me. I hate appearing like a trouble-maker, but its unprofessional to come in with a power-tripping attitude like that and expect people to be friendly towards you.

I've been a member for over a year and I operate under the principle that I don't just hand out respect, you have to earn it. Its a two-way street with me. So I ask who he is...and then down hill till I get threatened with banning and booted off.

I've got a log of it if you're interested. And I agree with Serp, I thought we left this Nazi-style of dealing with people back at

Please clarify what's going on, if you would. Thanks....
Old 12-02-2004, 12:58 AM   #4
I had the same problem and just now got booted off again. Now it shows 4 people in the chat room, but if I go in, they're in a different room and it's just me. I'm a little confused as to who Al is, and why he's concerned with the Cornsnakes chatroom. If we're being logged in multiple times without our knowledge due to a glitch in the system, how is it he can just go in and lock us out.
Old 12-02-2004, 01:30 AM   #5
Jason B.
I was in the room . didn't get booted but saw everyone disapering. I checked out the other rooms and all were shut down at least for me they where . I couldn't enter any comments ect. nor could anyone from what I could see. I'm probably not the best person to suggest anything on the issue of moderaters, but I have spent a lot of time in kingsnakes chat room and it's crazy there, mods abussing the power they are given for thier own power trip or whatever. I don't think anyone that has used the cornsnake chatroom would have any serrious compliants . It seems like folks get along better there then just about any chatroom I've been in. Sometimes kidding around till another corn subject comes up then fun and games agian ect ect, but everyone is generaly respectful.
Old 12-02-2004, 02:45 AM   #6
I was in there too but Im not sure it was on the CS end. I was in the lobby with Randy T, Daveyfig, and Mickey and the same stuff happened only with no comments it just killed the whole room.
Old 12-02-2004, 01:30 PM   #7
We weren't complaining about software glitches.

The problem was the moderator. He barged into a conversation and started yelling at people and shoving them around. Nobody knew who he was, why he was there, or what he was even talking about.

The whole Robocop act of leaping in, grabbing someone by the scruff and yelling "PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND LAY DOWN ON THE CEILING RIGHT NOW! You have 10 seconds to comply!" was ridiculous. I was proud that people in there defended each other from the "invader."

It seems like he's very new to chatrooms because you don't just go into a room and expect any message you type in all caps to be taken seriously. If someone is doing that, they are being funny, or they are being an idiot. All-caps messages are to be either laughed at or ignored.

It's also a newbie thing to jump into a room with like 6 people in it and make a statement with absolutely no context, and not directed at any individual, and expect everyone to know what you are talking about, whom you are addressing, and actually expect them to stop what they are doing and listen to you.

My first thought was, "boy, Rich is gonna be mad when he finds out some 13 year old punk has hacked his chatrooms." He might as well have come in and said, "l00k 4t m3!!! I 4m leet!!! I h4ve r3wt on ur b0x0rs!!! h4w h4w h4w!!1" and then started kicking people. He would have gotten the same response.

When the conversation continued about 10 minutes later, I tried explaining to him that nobody knew who he was, and that if he wanted peoples' cooperation, he would have gotten it had he simply come in and identified himself. "Hi, I'm a moderator and we're trying to fix a glitch in the system. Hurley, how many chat windows do you have open?"

His response said it all: "I don't need to identify a thing!"

Dude, weak.

There was that, and throwing around threats to ban people, and comments like "don't give me any lip" (uhhh, dude, no way! You are NOT my mommy!) or something about "mouthing off." Being moderator does not make everyone your subordinates who are to be talked down to and must obey your every whim, unless you're on IRC in a room full of teenagers. I think his comments made it quite clear that he was on a power trip. I'm pretty sure that he was not given mod powers so that he could use them to coerce people into bowing down before him or paying deference to him.

I doubt that Rich would appreciate his business being represented that way. Moderators like that are the reason a lot of us are on this board instead of that other place.

I'm willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I don't have a problem with someone being a newbie, if that's the case. It looked like a misunderstanding but it also seemed like he wasn't willing to try to come to an understanding. Maybe he's usually a nice guy, but last night was not one of those times. If he wants to fix a problem and needs to interact with people in the chatrooms to do so, it would be helpful to treat them like peers instead of his children. "Hi, I'm a moderator and we're trying to fix a glitch in the system. Here's what I need you to do... That would have avoided the whole mess.
Old 12-02-2004, 04:23 PM   #8
Rich Z
Actually Al has been the chat meister for quite a while now, but I think he has been away from it for too long and didn't realize what was going on. I did have a talk with him, and apparently he has had situations arise before when some clown would log into multiple windows and have several logins at one time in the chat room. The way the chat server handles duplicate names is to append a number after the name, much like what you all saw last night. So Al just jumped to the conclusion that this is what was going on.

Bear in mind that when you first come into the chat room, you don't see any of the conversation that took place before you logged in. So what he saw was a bunch of duplicate logins and just assumed the worst. Was this the right way to do it? No, not in my opinion. But then again, I don't know how many times Al has run into this in the past. Maybe enough times that it was a natural assumption for him to make.

I read over the log file for that "event" and it is pretty obvious what happened. I am certain I would have reacted the same way as you guys did had someone jumped at me like Al did. Heck, maybe he just had a bad day and this was the icing to the cake....

I think Al recognizes he made a mistake in reading the situation and I hope you all can let bygones be bygones. Al is normally not heavy handed like that and this is one of the reasons I asked him to moderate the chat system.

But I am sure you all know that I want to know about any problems that do crop up in the future. No matter who they originate from. I don't want to become involved in petty person to person squabbles, but anything that affects the chat system and everyone having a good time using it, yes, that is my business to know about.

Thanks Misty, for letting me know about the problem.
Old 12-02-2004, 04:29 PM   #9
Thanks Rich,

Incident over.

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