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Chat room - listen up, please
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Old 09-11-2006, 02:19 AM   #1
Rich Z
Angry Chat room - listen up, please

I just had someone send me a log of an altercation within the chat room. Quite honestly, I am very disappointed in everyone who participated in that crap. There was absolutely no need for anyone to act like what I witnessed in that log.

So listen up...... Yes, this site is tied directly into the corn snake chat room, and yes, the chat system is shared with the FaunaClassifieds site. But no one here OWNS that corn snake room to the exclusion of anyone else. If someone sees a crowd in there and comes on in with the hopes of striking up a conversation about tortoises, or anything else for that matter, I really don't appreciate people from this site ganging up on someone else and chasing them out the door, saying "gtfo, this is a CORN SNAKE chat".

That sort of thing is just uncalled for, and quite frankly I really hope I don't see anything at all like that take place again. It is childish, petty, and just downright rude for any group of people to act like that. So please note that if it continues, you will really leave me no choice in what I have to do about this matter. It takes two to tango, so BOTH (or as many as take part in it) will get escorted out the door all at the same time.

I really hate to have to enable the chat system logging feature again, but evidently it appears to be needed at this point.

I hope I am clear about the expected behavior out of everyone in the chat rooms.
Old 09-11-2006, 02:40 AM   #2

I was going to email you back, but since this is out in the open I'm just going to reply here.

First off, I've got to say I'm pretty shocked at your reaction. I actually think it will be GREAT if you enable the logging feature. You know how this website is---we tend to police our own. There is a LOT of crap that happens in chat that we do not involve you in because we know you are busy. We either ignore the person who's being a pain and trolling, or we make a room and boot them out until they figure it out. Maybe that's not 'nice', but neither is coming into a cornsnake chat room to be rude and expect EVERYONE to stop what they're talking about to answer your off topic question.

Just in this past week, I believe we've had a private room set up because of trolls from Fauna. Nobody emailed you about BPLover being a pain because it's easy enough to just create a room and deal with the situation. It's a thin line---you tell us you want to know when someone is trolling the chat room, but we all know that you're busy and have better things to do then read chat logs and ban people for being stupid.

However, what are we supposed to do? Why is our job to 'be nice' to rude people from Fauna who come into a cornsnake chat room to talk about frogs, toad, torts, iguana, lizards, moths, salamanders, etc etc? I don't get it. I feel like you're yelling at us because we're not accomodating these people---and that makes no sense to me. Is it snobbish? I don't know---the chat room is a clique--it's the same folks night in and night out. It's extremely rude to be doing what they're doing. They would be pissed off if we did the same to them, but we don't, because we have courtesy and class.

So, how do we handle these situations? Everyone tonight was clearly pretty pissed off from earlier in the week and just totally fed up with the trolls---and that showed up. I'm not sorry, and I'm not going to apologize for telling him to gtfo. Maybe that's wrong, but I don't see why I'm anymore at fault then he was---I didn't come blasting into a room with "I HAVE A TORT AND I NEED QUESTIONS ANSWERED! HELLO?!?!?!?! WHY IS NOBODY ANSWERING ME?!?!?!?! YOU GUYS SUCK1!!!!!!"

That is the kinda crap we deal with just about each and every night, and Rich, it gets OLD quick.

It's not the fact that they're from Fauna, or that they want to talk about off topic material---since we do that ALL the time---it's the way the present themselves. If you ask, "Does anyone have torts?" and we say no---then leave it that was what you wanted to talk about. Don't keep it up being a pain in the butt just to be one.

Basically, I'm just confused. We get into trouble for sticking up and telling someone to leave, perhaps rudely, or we be nice at the expense of our conversation. What are we to do? Put the same people that come in from Fauna on ignore every night, create a private room with a password, or what? I don't think it's fair that our convos suffer because someone has the courtesy and common decency of a cretin....
Old 09-11-2006, 03:24 AM   #3
Rich, I must say I agree with Joe on this. I'm in chat nearly every night, and I can remember 5 nights in the last maybe 1.5 weeks where I had to get into a private chat because there was a troll ruining the actual cornsnake chatroom. It's not that people try to talk about offtopic things, it's how they do it like Joe said. Are we supposed to accomodate people who come into the room, and just start demanding answers to questions about all manner of topics?

I can tell you from experiance we are rather good at policing each other. If somebody gets testy w/ somebody cause of an off-topic discussion, we'll simply tell them to back off, there's no need to be rude. If somebody gets a little out of hand, we'll ask them to tone it down. It's the people who refuse to listen to reason who get the "gtfo" treatment.
Old 09-11-2006, 04:31 AM   #4
Rich Z
Be that as it may, getting rude in response to rude people is not what I want to see in the chat rooms. I really don't care that you believe you have "had enough". No one has the "right" just because a chat room may be named "corn snake chat room" to demand from someone else that this will be the ONLY topic allowed there.

And from what I have seen of snippets of chat logs sent to me, that seems to be the common catalyst to getting people in each other's faces.

I believe the chat room has a perfectly good IGNORE feature. So use it, if need be. If you WANT to go combative towards someone, then you are not part of the solution, YOU are part of the problem. No one HAS to argue with someone else on the internet.
Old 09-11-2006, 12:10 PM   #5
Rich, as a person that attends this chat very often, I'd have to say that even if I haven't been around as long as maybe Chris, Carlos, or Joe, But when we leave someone with a simple "No." and they give us a reaction like were Crap, and were the idiots because someone doesn't know about Torties.
I understand that even I told the troll to gtfo, But did you happen to see all the profanities he was throwing at us? Don't you think the other members of the chat room felt a tad maybe, cornered by this perons vulgarities? I understand, that in fact nobody has to argue with someone on the net. But why do we have to put up with the trolls that come in? Granted, that most of the time they don't stay long, and if it would be once a month, we would just put it on ignore. But an every day thing wears on the nerves of the respectable users in that chat. People I've learned to know, and respect deserve a better chat experience than that. I look at it like this...If the president went to say,
Louisiana to talk about...Gas prices, for lack of other examples, and the people around him, want to listen to his speech, and ask him questions about the topic, Then, in the middle of a reporters a Democrat starts yelling profanity's, and screaming inappropriate things. The republican party isn't going to sit around and let him do it though. And you don't go to Afghanistan and yell "You all suck, cauz Your not a Christian." That would literally get you killed!

Well, Rich. Hopefully I've made somewhat of a better view of this. Maybe i simply said what Joe said. If i did, oh well. I felt the need to say it. And I back what Joe said, 300%. Thank you for your time.
Old 09-11-2006, 05:00 PM   #6
Rich Z
Well, I really didn't want to post the transcript of the chat log sent to me, but perhaps it is necessary to show my point.
Joe_Jo entered the room.
stephen_CS: butthead
CornCrazy_CS: LOL
Serpwidgets_CS: I think that is one of those snakes that will later "prove" that you can cross hypo X hypo and get non-hypos.
Joe_Jo: does n e one know n e thing about tortoises
CornCrazy_CS: You honestly do not think it is a hypo?
Serpwidgets_CS: With those borders, I really doubt it.
stephen_CS: butt....
CornCrazy_CS: but look at the color of the borders...the melanin is reduced.
Serpwidgets_CS: LOL Stephen.
stephen_CS: heh
Joe_Jo: does n e one know n e thing about tortoises
Serpwidgets_CS: Dude
hana_CS: This is CORN SNAKE chat
CARattler40_CS: Just ignore it
CARattler40_CS: It'll go away.
Serpwidgets_CS: LOL
CornCrazy_CS: Ummm...does this look like a tortoise room?
terrysangel79_CS: they got shells i think lol
CornCrazy_CS: we are discussing corn snakes...
CornCrazy_CS: LOL
CARattler40_CS: They swim.
breedingcolors_CS: Here are the babies from the first clutch, the second clutch I got 2 amels, 4 normals and this one
Joejr14_CS: dis is da cron sankie chat room
Joejr14_CS: gtfo
Weebonilass_CS: <--- checking snakie for hard shell............ nope, no travel trailer
jazzgeek_CS: I know some thing about tortoises.
stephen_CS: they dont swim Carlos
CornCrazy_CS: Their lungs are positioned in a weird place.
CARattler40_CS: SHHH
jazzgeek_CS: and that thing is "Tortoises are not corn snakes".
Joejr14_CS: GTFO
breedingcolors_CS: LMAO
Candy_Cane1_CS: GTFO.
Joejr14_CS: You stand for BANNED
Joe_Jo: U !@#$ING PIECES OF %&*!
Serpwidgets_CS: Buhbye
Joe_Jo: ALL OF U R
hana_CS: lol
Joe_Jo: GAY
Joejr14_CS: and you will be banned
Joejr14_CS: goodbye!
Serpwidgets_CS: LMAFO
stephen_CS: n e n e no no e n ting?
Candy_Cane1_CS: I am and only said GTFO.
Joejr14_CS: Don't make me call Rich, Joe_Jo
jazzgeek_CS: Welcome to Cornsnake Chat, Oh Childish Twerp With Tourette's.
Serpwidgets_CS: You are a jerk because you couldn't answer Caroline's question.
Joe_Jo: &*!@ ALL OF U
CornCrazy_CS: LOL@Chuck!
hana_CS: wow.. looks like we've got a live one..
jazzgeek_CS: Joe_Jo, what time is it where you live?
stephen_CS: haha
Candy_Cane1_CS: I'd like to know so i can go shoot him in the face
Serpwidgets_CS: Wow, puberty sucks
jazzgeek_CS: ROFLMAO
Joe_Jo has left the room.
In my opinion, the person asking about torts was slapped first and apparently set up by several members. I am going simply by what I see in this log, and nothing else. So a bunch of members pissed off someone with their actions and then come to me because of what he posted AFTER being pissed off by how he was treated by people in the chat room.

Taken at face value, no, I cannot take your side in this. This could have been avoided if everyone had simply acted civil and not treated this person like some leper who walked into your own private ball room.

Sorry people, but he had every bit as much right to be there as YOU do. And quite honestly I don't appreciate ANYONE acting in the manner plainly evident in the above log.

And it WILL stop or one of two things will happen: (1) the people engaging in this sort of behavior on the chat will go away, or (2) the chat itself will just go away.

I do hope this is clear to everyone. I do not want this site, the people here, and myself by association, getting the reputation that such behavior will unavoidably lead to.
Old 09-11-2006, 05:28 PM   #7
OK...I may not be very popular after this, but I honestly think that telling the guy to "gtfo," etc. was rude. He never had much of a chance to be civil. If it had been me (and I have gotten the same treatment when in a boa room), I would have felt attacked and may have acted the same way that Joe_Jo did. I apologize if I came across as being rude. It certainly was not my intention. I was simply trying to tell him we were discussing corns.
Old 09-11-2006, 05:35 PM   #8
I do think what went on in the chat room is unacceptable, on both parties parts. I have seen several times in the past week that people come in and use abnoxios color fonts, and keep asking about other types of snakes. and we would ask then nicely that they might get a quick answer if they change the color, or even if no one answers then they all complain that we are ignoring then. I agree that other things can be talked about in the chat, and often the main topic goes off topic, and i see no problem if the join in. But it bugs me when they come in and try to get everyone to explaina bunch of stuff about boas and such. So should we just set up a privte rom and have the normal chatters in there? thank you for keeping the chat enabled,
Chris Kuehl
Old 09-11-2006, 05:46 PM   #9
Ok here is my 2 cents worth.
I help mod a tropical fish forum and we have a chat. I am sorry but its chat, and I feel people should talk about what eve they want. It should not be limited to Cornsnakes.

Now, the kid, I feel he had to be a kid for his reaction at being ignored and attacked. Probably had a geniune question and concern about his tortoise. I do not think it would have been wrong for every one to have stopped and listen to him and let him ask his question.
I am sorry but most of the Snakers here have other snakes and other pets. Or at least someone could have steered him to the correct site for help.

After what Rich posted, I would have reacted the same way. I would have been very angry at everyone involved. And as everyone has stated you police your own but who watches the watchmen? Well I guess that is Rich.

Now, as for the trolls, this kid was probably no troll and didn't have the communication skills to deal with his frustration. Now for all the adults out there that did this, sit down and think about how you just treated this boy. Would you have treated this person in Real life? Or if you are a seller would you have treated a customer like this? Also would you like to be ignored or treated like this if you jumped on a Ball python forum and had a question about your cornsnake?
Old 09-11-2006, 05:58 PM   #10
Was he attacked, yes, he was. I can't deny that. However, I feel it's one of those not seeing the whole picture issues. As I said before, I'm in chat a lot and we see constantly where people come into a room entitled "cornsnake chat" and ask questions about everything from boas to torts to tropical fish. Personally, I don't go into the ball python forums to get cornsnake questions answered...just me, but it makes sense to go to a forum/chat dedicated to what I'm looking for answers to.

There is a problem with people on this site who seem to feel they "own" it and that their word is law. Just yesterday I had to defend a member who posted here cause she asked a question in referance to a comment made by another member and had a certain person completely bash her for not talking about cornsnakes. Look at Tula's boa thread from last month and you'll see just how well those of us who aren't complete corn fanatics get treated more I've escaped their wrath, I don't know...but I'm a rare case of a boid lover accepted here.

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