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Striped Topaz SK SG Free
I have a lot of interesting Breedings planned this year. My Genetic Vault contains most of the Mutant Genes discovered in our Corns. I have been building from within for many years now, only rarely adding anything, since Stargazer was described, as a recessive gene. I did my time Testing ALL of my Sunkissed lines,to prove they are SG Free. I even have het SG and homo SG in my vault, just in case I need to test some more, which I do. You will see some of that testing in this thread.

I treat my breeding of Corn Snakes like a hobby, because that is what it is to me. I want to know the TRUTH about the genetics of my Corns, because that is what caused me to choose Corn Snakes, over other more profitable things like Balls, or Boas. Corns are easy to maintain and breed, and with at least 20 Mutant Gene to work with, the new possible Combines, seem to be endless.

I maintain two distinct lines of Corn Snakes. One takes up ¾ of the room in my snake trailer, and holds many multiple Combines, from the Corn Snake Gene Pool. Like I said, I have just about every Gene covered. I know as much about creating new combines from these Genes, as anybody. Since I tested all of my Sunkissed lines for Stargazer, it set me back several years with my Sunkissed Projects. Since my Sunkissed lines, are SG Free, I have invested many years, creating new Projects to create Striped Sunkissed in every color I can come up with. My Colony is advanced enough in creating Combines, that I have learned new ways to speed up the process and reach my goals. Breedings such as Striped Snow Sunkissed x Sunkissed Lava het Amel, produces ALL Sunkissed het Striped Amel Ice. Targets, Striped Lava Sunkissed and Striped Ice Sunkissed. A breeding of Striped Anery Sunkissed het Amel X Striped Pied-Sided, produce ALL Striped het Anery Pied-Sided Sunkissed. If I can't produce a Mutant, over the Normal Phase, when creating Projects, many times I skip the idea for the time being.

I have no idea why Sunkissed caused the Striped gene to do what it does, but it is consistent, and you can still see the pattern, with multiple addition of Mutant Color added. Striped Sunkissed are ripe for new one of a kinds, and I have many Projects producing new things every year now. I have noticed a difference from the Border-less gene on Striped Sunkissed, now that I understand the Border-less gene better. A Cubed Sunkissed, has squares down its back instead of ovals. I bred a Striped Anery Sunkissed het Amel X Perfect Striped Blue het Amel, to begin my quest towards Striped Blue Sunkissed. I had not noticed any difference in Striped Sunkissed, relating to Cubes at that time, BUT I did notice the Cubed/Partial Striped Anerys het Sunkissed Dilute, and Cube/Partial Striped Snow Striped Sunkissed Dilutes, I produced from the breeding. Damn, Cubes in my Projects again, but no problem, it doesn't seem to effect Striped Sunkissed. Today, I can See that I produce Oval patterns, or Square patterns down the backs of Striped Sunkissed. The Square patterns are Cubed Sunkissed.

Striped Hypo Cinder X Striped Amel Sunkissed.
I have never produced a Shatter Corn. I want to SEE what happens when the Shatter Corn crashes into Striped Sunkissed. Will one cover the other, OR will I create a new phenotype, of Striped Shattered, (Striped, Sunkissed, Cinders)?

Striped Sunkissed het Snow Caramel X Striped Blue

Honey het Amel Striped Lava X het Amel Caramel Lava Striped Sunkissed
My original line I created to produce Striped Topaz Sunkissed (Striped Butter x Lava Sunkissed Okeetee het Amel


  • StSkhSCxStBl.JPG
    412.1 KB · Views: 80
  • HStCi x StASk.JPG
    HStCi x StASk.JPG
    483.1 KB · Views: 79
  • HonhAStVxhACStSkV.JPG
    421.6 KB · Views: 79
Magmas (Lava Bloodred)

I have a lot of Bloodreds in my Genetic Vault. You will get to see some of them in this thread. Since I discovered the Lava Gene, naturally, Lava Bloodreds were an obvious choice. I have created my share of First of their Kind, and quite a bit of the Corn Snake Jargon, you have learned to speak. I have pretty much got my way with Naming New Lava Combines, but some of them are other Breeders ideas. Things like, Ice, Lavamel, Topaz and of course Magmas. My latest is Magma Flows, for those UGLY Corns with lots of black every where. I am getting some with so much black/purple in there blotches, that they do look like flowing lava when they move. Is there a mutant gene adding this black, or am I just uncovering what has been hidden beneath Border-less?

I have a THIRD line of Magmas, that I will be breeding this year! The Project was started with a male Ice Blood x Extreme PS. I think my Ice Blood is het for everything a Blood can be het for. The Bloodred Theory is not complete. The PS Mystery, is just that, it is still a mystery. I have some ideas I will talk about when I post photos of them breeding. PS is compatible with our Bloodreds, but they have something extra. Is PS an allele to Bloodreds? Is PS, helped by a hypo clear gene of some kind? I know the dirty wash on many wild lines of Corns is gone, like Kathy L described her Jasper County Okeetees to be selectively bred to remove. PS may have a different dominant or recessive Border-less gene, that removes the dirty wash and lightens/brightens. A different Rat Snake gene than the Border-less gene is. Something, like white-sided Rat or something.

I have breed PS to create many projects with the intent to create the many Combines of Bloodred, in Pied-Sided. It hasn't worked out that way. I think when we cross PS/Bloodred, we drop to 1 in 12 or even worse, reproducing PS. I will explain why I think that may be as I post relevant breedings. My newest Magma Project started by breeding my Ice Blood Male X Extreme PS het Hypo. I produced 2.0 PS het Ice Bloodreds (low expression) with the same squared pattern of PS's and 0.3 Bloodreds het PS Ice. ALL have very noticeable borders. I think PS didn't produce homo Border-less in any of my Projects. PS have something extra on top of them, and I hope I SEE something, when the babies hatch, and the PS Humpty Dumpty is put back together. I haven't given up on reproducing the PS Pheno on my Magmas! The Clear Hypo Gene that removes the dirty wash, and brightens, may allow the white to spread. Any, and all ideas are welcome.

Photos Magma Flows:
Magma Flow
Granite het Lava
Bloodred het Ice
Dirty Lava het Bloodred


  • Magma Flow.JPG
    Magma Flow.JPG
    391.7 KB · Views: 78
  • AnBhV (MF Line).JPG
    AnBhV (MF Line).JPG
    416.6 KB · Views: 78
  • Blood het Ice (Magma Flow Line).JPG
    Blood het Ice (Magma Flow Line).JPG
    399.8 KB · Views: 76
  • Dirty VhB.JPG
    Dirty VhB.JPG
    494 KB · Views: 77
Striped Magma/PS and Ruby Magma

I have been trying to create Striped Magmas for many years now. I ended up with 2.1 Bloodreds het Striped Lava PS and 0.1 RedCoat het B/PS Striped Lava. Both of the females are as dark as I have ever seen, and any black on them looks slightly hypomelanistic, so very, very dark purple.

I have been saving back any interesting offspring from these breedings and noticed some very, very dark coloration on some of the mutant combines in the clutches, such as Magmas, Stripes and Lavas.

Over the years, I held all of the Darkies back, and have begun to call the Magmas Rubies, or Ruby Magmas. I am beginning to believe that there is a mutant gene causing the Dark offspring, but only time will tell for sure. Ruby Magmas are the same color as their eyes, and truly look like Rubies. A name in line with the mineral names of the Lava Combines.

I have produced every combine from this project except Striped Magmas. Maybe this will be the year.

Pied-Sided ph Striped Lava
Bloodred het Striped PS Ice x SAME (DARK female)
Ruby Magma
Ruby Magma
Ruby Magma ph Stripe X RedCoat Striped ph PS Lava


  • RVBxStphVB.JPG
    318.8 KB · Views: 76
  • RVBxStphVB1.JPG
    394.9 KB · Views: 78
  • Ruby Magma1.JPG
    Ruby Magma1.JPG
    312.9 KB · Views: 73
  • Ruby Magma.JPG
    Ruby Magma.JPG
    354.5 KB · Views: 75
    410.6 KB · Views: 79
  • DSC_0009.JPG
    463.4 KB · Views: 78
One of a Kind Tessera Breedings

I have about 10 one of a kind Tesseras that I will be breeding this year, to produce more of the same.

Striped Anery Tessera het Lava X Sunkissed Lava will produce Lava Tesseras het Striped Anery Sunkissed. How will Striped Sunkissed and Tessera interact? I don't think the rules for Striped Tesseras and Perfect Stripes is the same. It may in fact be the opposite.

Striped Anery Tessera het Lava x Sunkissed Lava

Amel Lava Sunkissed Tessera X RedCoat Sunkissed Lava het Amel

Topaz Sunkissed x Amel Lava Sunkissed Tesseras het Caramel

Lava Tesseras het M/S x Lava Motley het Striped


  • AnSttshVxSkV.JPG
    369.6 KB · Views: 78
  • AVSkTs x RCSkVhA.JPG
    AVSkTs x RCSkVhA.JPG
    406.7 KB · Views: 78
  • TzSkxASkTs.JPG
    459.9 KB · Views: 80
  • VTshMS x VMhSt.JPG
    VTshMS x VMhSt.JPG
    420.5 KB · Views: 77
Lavender het Sunkissed Lava x SAME

I have been breeding these guys together for years. They don't have a hint of pink, but produce Red Factor babies. It is obvious to me, that RF is a recessive gene, just like all over recessive genes in our Corns.

I have been using my Orchid to make Sunkissed het Striped Opal Projects the last two years. This year she gets this male too.

Check out the last photo. She is a first of her kind. She is a Lava Lavender Sunkissed!


  • OrchidphV.JPG
    412.8 KB · Views: 67
  • LVSk.JPG
    275.8 KB · Views: 65
  • LphSkV.JPG
    426.3 KB · Views: 65
  • LhSkVxS.JPG
    391.5 KB · Views: 68
  • LhSkV x LhSkV.JPG
    LhSkV x LhSkV.JPG
    441.3 KB · Views: 71
  • LVphSkf.JPG
    341.8 KB · Views: 66
One of a Kind Tessera Breedings

Some second breedings, and I decided to breed Anery Striped Tessera het Lava x Striped Lava het Anery, to created more Anery Striped Tessera, Lava Striped Tessera, and maybe Ice Striped Tesseras. Half the clutch should be Stripes and the other half Striped Tessras.

The last photo is a new one of a kind. She is a Lava Motley Tessera. The breeding above her, should produce more just like her. I have produced Blue Motley Tesseras and now Lava Motley Tesseras. They are both extremely nice phenotypes.


  • AnStTshVxSkV.JPG
    535.1 KB · Views: 69
  • AnStTshVXStV.JPG
    391.4 KB · Views: 67
    417.8 KB · Views: 67
  • AVSkTsxSkV.JPG
    399.9 KB · Views: 65
  • VTshMstxVMhSt.JPG
    395.4 KB · Views: 66
  • VTshMStxVMhSta.JPG
    250.6 KB · Views: 66
  • MVTs M.JPG
    MVTs M.JPG
    437.6 KB · Views: 65
Champagne Snows

I bought a single male Striped Champagne many years ago and created many Projects from him. I have been saving back some of his offspring for many years now. This year, I will have several adult female Champagnes producing, that are as PINK as you can get. They are just getting started. Here are a few photos.

In the first photo you see a Champagne Motley het Striped Sunkissed x Amel het Striped Ice Sunkissed. She is what I would call a Cherry Amel. I read a post about an Amel line that had three red genes in it called Cherry. I think this girl is homo for RedCoat, Red Factor, and Red Blotched, or is it called "Cherry"? This breeding will produce Striped Champagnes and Striped Amels, as pink and red as they get.

Since recovering Striped Champagnes from my projects, I came up with a couple of first of their kind. Motley Champagnes were new here, and now check out the last photo. It is a Champagne Sunkissed with a perfect Striped Champagne. Not as nice as the St Chp, maybe missing RedCoat, but she is still brand new.


  • MChphSkxAhStSkAnV.JPG
    396.7 KB · Views: 62
  • StChpandChpSk.JPG
    392.8 KB · Views: 61
  • StChpa.JPG
    351.4 KB · Views: 61
  • StChp.JPG
    347.8 KB · Views: 60
    337.2 KB · Views: 64

I bought one male Salmon and breed him to a Jasper County Lava. I only produced a pair, but they are grown up now, and I am breeding the Salmon Snow X his daughter Okeetee het Salmon Lava. Hopefully, I will get a nice clutch and be able to see all the pieces of the Salmon Snow in the offspring.

I am also breeding him to this Snow Motley, from the Champagne line. She produces half a clutch of very pink Chp, and others like her. I think the two lines will match up nicely. I think both lines are homo RC RF RB.


  • SalxChpMhSt.JPG
    374.1 KB · Views: 64
  • SalxChpMhSta.JPG
    418.3 KB · Views: 63
  • SalxChpMhStb.JPG
    292.8 KB · Views: 62
  • SalxhSalV.JPG
    446.2 KB · Views: 60
RedCoat Striped Lava X Striped Lava het Anery

I am using most of my Striped Lavas, and Lava Motleys for Tessera Projects and others, but I have a couple of new RC Striped Lavas, I wanted to get bred this year.


    405.5 KB · Views: 59
Ice Blood x Magma

This is my original Ice Blood born in 2010. I have quite a few new male Magmas to breed this year, but he is still needed to cover a few female Magmas.

I have used this male to create most of my Magma Projects, including, Magma Flow, Striped Magma, Ruby Magma, and PS Magma.


  • IBxVB_2.JPG
    402.1 KB · Views: 59
    444 KB · Views: 59
  • IBxVB_3.JPG
    409.6 KB · Views: 59
Magma Flow

My Magma Flow male is breeding on of his sister Granite het Lava, and a Dirty Jasper Co. Lava Okeetee, to get even more dirt into the mix.


  • MFxAnBhV.JPG
    396.7 KB · Views: 31
  • MFxDirtyJCV_2.JPG
    528.6 KB · Views: 31
  • MFxDirtyJCVa.JPG
    435.8 KB · Views: 32
  • DirtyJCVm.JPG
    480.6 KB · Views: 32
Striped Magmas

I am still trying. I have an excellent chance this year, with my Blood het Striped Ice PS x Same breeding, and some of their offspring I have held back, such as PS ph Striped Ice, and the last photo, Ruby Magma ph Striped x Striped ph PS Lava


    517.2 KB · Views: 29
  • RMphStxRCStphVB.JPG
    391.2 KB · Views: 29
    442.3 KB · Views: 30
    399 KB · Views: 28
    411.9 KB · Views: 29
    492.2 KB · Views: 30
Striped het Amel Cinder Hypo Bloodred

I bought 1.0 Striped Hypo Cinder many years ago and bred him to a Striped Bloodred. I have been saving back the Cinder combines each year. I produced my target in this project, a Striped Hypo Cinder Bloodred. I also have a Striped Hypo Cinder and Striped Peppermint I am creating Striped Sunkissed Projects with this year.


  • SthHCiABxS.JPG
    434.3 KB · Views: 29
  • SthHCiABxSa.JPG
    440.7 KB · Views: 29
  • SthHCiABxSb.JPG
    344 KB · Views: 29
  • HStCiB.JPG
    366.8 KB · Views: 29
  • HStCiBa.JPG
    345.3 KB · Views: 28
  • StCia.JPG
    439.5 KB · Views: 30
Striped Peppermint x Amel Striped Sunkissed

Another line to create Amel Stripes het Cinder Sunkissed. This guy could be a Blood, or het Blood which would make for a better Project. This breeding, will go great with my Hypo Striped Cinder x Amel Striped Sunkissed, breeding. Both can product Striped Shatters!


  • StPepXAStSk.JPG
    355.4 KB · Views: 28
Striped Honey ph Lava

If this Striped Honey proves to be het for Lava, I can produce Striped Topaz Sunkissed from all of these breedings except for the last one. The last one is Striped Honey x Striped PS = Striped het Honey PS.


  • StHonphVXHonhAVSt.JPG
    443.6 KB · Views: 30
  • StHonxSkhC.JPG
    399.1 KB · Views: 30
  • StHonXSkhC_2.JPG
    390.4 KB · Views: 30
  • StHonxStPS.JPG
    365.4 KB · Views: 29
  • StHonphVXHonhAStV.JPG
    329.4 KB · Views: 29
Striped Blue Sunkissed

I used this Anery Striped Sunkissed x Striped Blue in the last photo, to start my Striped Blue Sunkissed Project. I produced Anery Striped and Snow Striped het Dilute Sunkissed. All of them were Cubes or Partial Stripes. Since my Striped Blue has perfect stripes, the Anery Striped Sunkissed, must be a Cube. I guess the squares down his back are the result of being cubed.

I produced a pair of Striped Blue Sunkissed last year. The male is super pink and light.

The last photo is Striped Sunkissed het Snow Caramel x Striped Blue. I want more breeders for the project that are not snows.

The Striped Snow het Dilute Sunkissed were a pain, when bred to Striped Anerys het Dilute Sunkissed. The Snows cover up the Dilute gene. This year, I am breeding 1.3 Anery Striped het Dilute Sunkissed..

The 0.4 Striped Snow het Dilute Sunkissed are getting bred to Striped Sunkissed so Striped Sunkissed, Amel Striped Sunkissed, and Anery Striped Sunkissed, will be possible in each clutch.


  • StBlSkf.JPG
    431.2 KB · Views: 27
  • StSkhSCXStBl.JPG
    428.1 KB · Views: 28
  • StBlSkm.JPG
    308.6 KB · Views: 28
  • AnStSkhAa.JPG
    414.8 KB · Views: 29
  • AnStSkhA.JPG
    410 KB · Views: 29
  • AnSthDSkxS.JPG
    420 KB · Views: 29
Honey het Amel Lava Striped

Honey het Amel Lava Striped x Striped Lava
I want more Striped Lava het Honeys to raise.

Honey het Amel Lava Striped x Amel het Caramel Lava Striped Sunkissed.

My 3 Striped Topaz Sunkissed, and a female Striped Topaz ph Sunkissed all came from this breeding.


  • HonhAStVxStV.JPG
    425 KB · Views: 28
  • HonhAVStxAhStSkVC.JPG
    433.4 KB · Views: 28
Striped Sunkissed het Snow Caramel x Striped Snow het Dilute Sunkissed

I have 0.4 females like this girl. Should be some very interesting clutches.


    423.2 KB · Views: 28
Striped Snow Sunkissed

This guy produces about half Champagnes, so I expect to see some Striped Champagne Sunkissed from these breedings.


  • MChphStSkXStChp.JPG
    407.3 KB · Views: 27
  • StSSkxStShSk.JPG
    384.2 KB · Views: 28
Striped PS

Years ago, I bred my PS Male X Striped Bloodred. I raised up the babies, and produced 0.4 Striped PS.

I bred these 0.4 Striped PS females x Bloodred het Striped Ice PS, and produce amazing Striped Bloodreds and Striped PS from them.

I also breed these males to a Bloodred het Fire Motley PS female to produced Motley Bloodreds, like in the last photo. I am hoping for a PS Motley Bloodred this year.


  • BhStIxStPS.JPG
    369.9 KB · Views: 28
    421.1 KB · Views: 29
  • MB.JPG
    365.9 KB · Views: 29