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Motley Champagne x Salmon

This girl laid a fantastic clutch, 25 eggs or so. Between this breeding, and a Het Salmon Lava x Salmon Breeding 16 eggs, I should get a good idea, what makes up a Salmon. I think they are Triple Reds, just like Champagnes are.


  • MChpxSal.JPG
    408.8 KB · Views: 42
  • MChpxSala.JPG
    348 KB · Views: 43
Striped Lava x Honey het Striped Lavamel

The target morph here is Striped Lava het Honey. I only produced one last year. I am hoping for more this year!


  • StVxHonhAStV.JPG
    369.1 KB · Views: 41
Striped Blue het Amel x Striped Sunkissed het Snow Caramel

My biggest clutch of the year for sure. 34 eggs and one slug. This is a Project, with the target Striped anything except Snow, het for Dilute, Anery, and Sunkissed. Striped het Dilute Anery Sunkissed, or Striped Anery het Dilute Sunkissed, both will be nice to add to my previous Striped Blue Sunkissed Project.


  • StBlue34E.JPG
    390.2 KB · Views: 40
het Lava Salmon Snow X Salmon Snow

16 eggs. Nice first time clutch. This is a daughter bred back to her father, to try to figure out what make up a Salmon. I can't really see any extra red on the female, so I am suspecting that Salmons are a Snow that are also Triple Red's. (RedCoat, Red Factor, and Cherry)


  • hVSalxSal.JPG
    388.9 KB · Views: 40
Striped het Amel Cinder Hypo Bloodred x Same

I caught this girl in the middle of laying and got a good picture of her striping. Isn't it just about the perfect striping you have ever seen?

Why is the striping on a Striped Hypo Cinder Bloodred line so perfect? I can speculate, that maybe Stripes came from Keys Corns and so did Hypo. So two doses of Keys Corns, now add perfect Striped Bloodreds to the mix, four genes that LOVE Border-less, and we get Perfect Stripes. The clutches from this girl are something to behold. Perfect Stripes, Amel Stripes, Hypo Stripes, Cinder Striped, with many of them being Striped Bloodreds.

It is a good thesis, but I could never prove it as a theory. Who has wild line Striped and/or Hypo Keys Corns? Have they been tested to the original genes? Wasn't Keys Corns, Keys Rat Snakes not long ago. One Scientist, decided this? Aren't Keys Corns homozygous for Border-less?, like other Rat Snakes?


  • SthACiBxS.JPG
    580.8 KB · Views: 40
  • SthACiBxSa.JPG
    435.8 KB · Views: 40
Striped Anery het Dilute Sunkissed x Same

1.3 bred for me this year. All three females laid nice clutches like this one.


  • StAnhDSkxStAnhDSk.JPG
    489.8 KB · Views: 35
Striped Champange Snow het Sunkissed x Same

I had 0.2 first timer Striped Champagne Snow female breeding this year. Both were bred to equally nice males, so the entire clutch should be Striped Champagne Snows all expressing Triple Red Genes.


  • StChpXStChp.JPG
    428.9 KB · Views: 35
RedCoat Pied-Sided Magma ph Striped x RedCoat Striped Bloodred ph Lava

This is one of my last breedings of the year. A nice sized clutch could prove both of them out. I would love to see my first Striped Magma, and in a RedCoat, even better!


    423.4 KB · Views: 37
Your corns are amazing. The colors are just fascinating. Good luck in your breeding and thank you for sharing the photos.
My incubators

My individual incubators rap around the top shelf of my Snake Trailer now. 77 so far, with 3 females to go. Closed plastic containers with moist vermiculite, incubate at room temperatures of 80-81 at night to 83-84 during the day, for an incubation time of about 70 days.

The first clutches were laid around 6-20, so about 9-1, I will have a bunch of clutches hatching.


  • incubators.JPG
    296.4 KB · Views: 68
Joe I think you produce the finest corns out there. I had one of your landrace lavas over a decade ago and it remains the best looking snake I’ve ever had. How can I get my hands on your magma line snakes?
Joe I think you produce the finest corns out there. I had one of your landrace lavas over a decade ago and it remains the best looking snake I’ve ever had. How can I get my hands on your magma line snakes?
Babies will start hatching around Sept. 1st. They have to shed, start feeding and get sexed. A majority of my stuff goes to wholesale, but I hold the best back, and will make up a 2023 List for sale at that time.

I might even have to get back on line and start selling my higher dollar stuff myself due to the market. When thinks get good again, I will be back of 100% wholesale if I can get away with it.

You did get the best breeder I had at the time. His photo is in my 2023 Wild Line Breeding thread, along with many of his offspring. Everything RedCoat in my wild lines came from him.

Photo: RedCoat Jasper County Okeetee het Lava


  • RCOkhV.JPG
    539.8 KB · Views: 53
Just an observation and question. Do you ever get concerned that breeding on pine chips that some of those chips could enter the cloaca, where she has opened to breeding, or the hemipenis has entered the cloaca, whereas she is not in the process of defecating?

When I bred, I always bred in a clean container with no substrate, not even newspaper or paper towers. I never wanted to take a chance.

I don't use pine shavings at all because a chip entered the cloaca and I didn't realize it. this was years ago. It caused an infection and took months of treatment to clear up.

Beautiful pairings and beautiful snakes by the way.
I think it's a real shame that Joe doesn't post any news here. Does anyone have any idea why Joe doesn't keep us up to date? I'm really looking forward to finding out what has become of the interesting matings.
Thank you for posting this type of thread Joe! I love looking through these.
And, of course, I'm hoping you have Golden luck this year! I look forward to following this thread.