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New member
Hi all,

Ember, my new (he was born in June, I think) amel just had his 3rd shed since he's been with me and for the first time I noticed ants in his enclosure. Our other slither baby (Kether, an cali king) has had ants for a while too.
Now our place is a loft and has barn-board floors. There's not much we can do about having ants in OUR house over the winter, but I understand that they're irritating for the snakes (actually, they're irritating for me too, but that I'm willing to put up with) and I'd like some advice on a way to get them out of the enclosures and keep them out.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,
I have seen this is South America. Put your cages on a table. Put each of the table legs in a shallow dish filled with mineral oil or some such thing. The only way to get on the table is to crawl up the legs which you can't get to.
Thats a good suggestion! Also make sure you get lots of ant bait traps (That helps them kill the colonies. I was able to completely eliminate ants in a barracks room I had in Miami that way.
Traps? Cool, but...

...are they safe for the snakes? The bait's not going to hurt them or make them sick? I'm probably just being a nervous new papa, but I'd hate to go ahead with that and then end up accidentally poisoning my snakes.
hey man... sorry for changing the subject but.... you have a cali king and an amel, which one you prefer of those two snakes?
No Question

I prefer the corn. Kether (the Cali) is very shy, mostly nocturnal and spooks easily. Ember (the amel) is curious and outgoing. He's still a bit shy, but I handle him often and he's never taken a shot at me. Kether however, well... she's a little bitey.
If you want to kill the ants instantly without a lot of fumes (don' use in the cage) that clear windex is great... yeah odd use for windex but it works
boric acid, powder form. sprinkle lightly around base boards and in cracks in the floor. ants crawl through and take bake to the colony where they groom each other and boom,no more ants. safe to touch not to ingest.
I use flea powder which is nearly odourless. Sprinkle it around the base of whatever your vivs are on (eg. table). This not only keeps ants away, it kills them too.