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Artificial plants


Snakes are the new sexy
Anyone else just buy these at Michaels to save money? Can't believe what PetCo charges for a tiny plant!
At least at my Michael's they seem even more expensive than the ExoTerra vines. I do have one plant from there I cut in pieces and use for 2 snakes.

Prices fluctuate but I've gotten some good prices on reptile vines on Amazon.

Be careful of sharp wires sticking out of any plastic plant. I use hot glue to cover wire stem ends for safety.
Good to know about wires. Our Michaels had a 50% sale this week and I get an extra 15% educators discount. :) So I got a huge bagful for $15!
Be darn careful with the vines, from Michaels or anywhere else, where the vines are made of plastic loops hooked to each other in a chain. Eventually your snake will be large enough to get trapped in a loop. The plastic can cut off circulation and/or cut into the skin. They can't back out of the loop, and when they try to go forward, the loop just digs in deeper. It happened to my BP Daisy. Trip to vet, two different antibiotics injected over the course of 10 days. It's taken quite a few sheds for the damage to heal and fade. It's so not worth it to save some bucks.