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Banner ad advertising on CornSnakes.com

Rich Z

Staff member
I am trying out a new program to manage the banner ads on my various sites. CornSnakes.com was chosen as the "guinea pig" for testing this new program.

Basically it is a self service program that allows someone to register with the system and pay into a pool via an automatic PayPal interface. From this pool the funds will be withdrawn for each of the banner advertisements you select to run. You upload your own graphics images (horizontal ad - 468x60 pixels, vertical ad - 120x600 pixels) from your hard drive to run in the program. You can change this image several times a day if you would like, or else just set it up so that the image is accessed directly from your own website. JPG, GIF, and SWF (Flash) images are supported.

The main website can be reached at http://www.FaunaAds.com.

There are direct links to each of the graphic banners (which are known as zones as well:

The text ads you may see listed if you register on FaunaAds are only running on FaunaClassifieds.com. I don't know if I will implement something like that here or not.

But the neat thing about this program is that YOU can fully control what ads you want to run, when you want to run them, and some other bells and whistles that I haven't even played with yet. Supposedly you can target words, or have the ads only run at certain hours of the day, or only during certain days. Because of what PayPal charges me for each transaction, I have decided to have a minimum of $10 you can put into your funding pool at a time. But each ad only costs you one dollar ($1.00) per day to run. So you can try this stuff out at a very miminal expenditure on your part.

So if any of you are thinking about trying your hand at advertising your own sites via a banner ad, this may be an excellent way to get your feet wet at it and see how well it works. I would suggest that you read the FAQ screen on FaunaAds.com (http://www.faunaads.com/ads/index.php?section=doc&action=faq) before actually trying to create you own ad. You can also get to that FAQ screen by clicking on the green banner ad that says Advertising Info over in the right hand column of this site.

Anyway, if you fell like giving it a whirl, please try it out and let me know how it works for you. I am hopeful this will be something of benefit for all of us and maybe even a little bit of fun to play with as well.