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Change of behavior - snake crawling back into their shed?


New member

I have an almost 3-year-old corn and he has never had any problems before. He has never refused a meal, comes out at dusk sometimes, or stays curled up under his log or burrowed in his aspen. He eats an adult mouse every 8-9 days (about 22-25 grams) and he currently weighs exactly 500 grams. He is great with handling and has never hissed, musked, or attempt to bite me. His sheds come off in one piece. He currently resides in a 20 gallon.

Over the past month, his behavior has changed. He shed about 2 weeks ago and he crawled back into his shed. He got out of it by tearing his shed and he decided to go back inside again. Ever since then he has been super active and restless all day and night. He will roam his viv looking for a way to escape, after 20-30 minutes, go back under his log (his favorite) and then go back out again a few minutes later. I'm concerned because he has never done this before. I thought maybe he wants to mate? Should I take him to the vet? Should I increase his tank size? Please let me know if I should do something! I want him to be as comfortable as possible.

I've attached a couple pictures of the beautiful boy ◡̈

Thank you!


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He is spectacular!

It really sounds like he’s aware it’s mating season and is hoping to find a girl ��
Our males have been restless for the past several weeks, too.
My male shed 4 weeks ago and hasn't stopped moving since. He does this every year around spring time. I would concur with LyraFamily and he's just desperate to find a mate.
He's beautiful! That sounds like extremely typical spring time breeding behavior - nothing to worry about. However, his feeding schedule is quite aggressive. I would knock it back to once every 2 weeks and see how his growth is on that schedule. Now that he's an adult, he'll probably act like that every spring. He may also start refusing food, which is also nothing to worry about.
My snake is a male and he's always very active this time of year. It's mating season. He's out right now just staring at me. Usually he's hidden. Here's a test for you - Does your snake twitch and jerk if you rub him or hold him right now? That's the male "Mating Dance." Mine does that every time I touch him. (He usually starts acting this way in February or March and it can go on for 2 or 3 months.)