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I was wondering, is it possible to put ball pythons and corns in the same rack. Or would that stress the snakes out too much?

I certainly hope it doesnt stress them out too much since I have boas, balls and corns all in my rack! LOL I just keep the balls on the bottom, boas in the middle and corns on the top. I'll try and get a pic this weekend for ya.
Hey, I was just looking at the same rack. How did you score the extra shelving pieces to make it extra deep? The units I was looking at one comes with 1 adjustable shelf.
I get that forsuree! But you have 2 adjustable shelves set up, each adjustable shelf is comprise of 2 seperate shelves. Hence 4 seperate adjustable shelves. The unit I was looking that was the same as yours comes with one 1 shelf each, so that would only be 2 shelves total
It's apparently not the same as mine. The bookshelves if assembled according to normal instructions have 2 movable shelves. So if you have 2 units, then you have 4 movable shelves.

If I were you I would make sure it's the same unit I used...because if so, it will have 2 movable shelves per unit that you buy.
If I did it over again, I would run 11" flexwatt in two strips down the back wall. Back heat = safe. Not that I've had a problem with belly heat...but you can use less flexwatt doing it that way. I used a strip of 4" flexwatt running along the shelf (belly heat) towards the back though..
I was actually thinking about combining this idea ithe the one from another thread with a few modiifications.http://www.cornsnakes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=99878&highlight=converted

It will be for 2 snakes not 3 so there will be plenty of room for climbing.I am actually wanting to reuse my UTHs so I was to cut a hole in the shelves in the middle have my step dad hit the hole with a router to give it a lip to hold the glass of course and the UTH on that glass.I would use the other shelf to go beteen the two Vivs to allow for the cord and to let the excess heat build up escape(kind of like the little feet that come with the UTH) then enclose the front with the plexi. for the back I guess I would just use some plywood I have left over from replacing my kitchen floor and add vents Do you think it will work?
I did this today, with 2 of my grandmas book shelves she didnt want, instead of using nails and some wood, i gorilla glue'd the 2 shelves together. It is very steady =D
Awesome!! I was thinking of doing something similar to this. I live in an apartment, so cutting wood is not possible. I plan to get the five shelf book case, and get more shelfs cut at home depot. Drilling more holes and such is not a problem.

I also already use lids, so that won't be an issue either!

Did this work well for you?
Gonna get started on mine tomorrow, super excited and hoping it'll work as planned. Will take pics to add
I did this exact thing. The only thing I would like to add is that you want to buy both shelves at the same time. I bought the first book shelf because it was the only one they had, so we went back a few days later for the second one. Well, because they came from from different manufactured lots (I am quessing) they are off a 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch.

They still look really nice though, way better than out on a table stacked like I had them :).

I am also using a heat cable bought from petsmart, instead of heat tape.