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ECW breeding pairing pt 1


New member
Just thought I'd share. I love seeing what others are doing in there season.
Pic #1 Miss Benny (Amery het hypo poss het amel) x Sparky (Cinder\Hypo poss het amel).
Pic #2 Honey (Honey het amel ) x Sparky and Sir Pat
Pic #3 Sunny (Sunkissed het mot\stripe) x Sparky
Pic #4 Love (Aberrant Hypo het Lavender) x Barony ( Motley\ Plasma het Hypo).
Pic#5 Piggy(Butter het cinder) x Sir Pat ( Peppermint poss het stripe)
Still haven't figured out what I need to do. I have pics on my face book page if your interested. All my pairings are on there. ECW Reptiles.
Thanks and sorry. Eric