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fire cubed!!!!!

Niels K.

cornsnake to the bone!
I`ll promised to keep you guys up to date with this animal...
So thats why I post some pics again!
Hope you like it all.


  • firecubed.JPG
    63.7 KB · Views: 232
  • firecubed2.JPG
    69.4 KB · Views: 233
  • firecubed3.JPG
    78.7 KB · Views: 233
You are right Justin, only with the flash of my camera i can see the pattern better. Otherwise you can barrely see it! :cool:
That snake is gorgeous! I'd say lovely pattern, but I think it's more a lovely lack of pattern! lol... Thanks for sharing the pics!

bribrian said:
Super little guy Niels, he wants to live with me...... :cheers:

Sorry, but I have to dissapoint you. This animal is a she! :grin01:
I hope I can produce some in maby 2 or 3 years...
So next year will be exiting, I got a couple het`s amel bloodred motley stripe. But I got this animal out, so what will it be next year?! :cheers: