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Got really lucky yesterday


I keep my snake babies in my office and I noticed the evening before yesterday that my 9 month old kittens seemed to be a little extra excited in the office. It was a little unusual but I didn't think too much of it. Then yesterday morning I sat down at my desk to start my work day and I noticed that something had been printed from my printer. I picked it up and it was it a built in print job that can be accessed from the printer (I think the kittens hit just the right combination of buttons on the printer). Just as I was thinking that this was really odd I noticed my boy, Big Worm, curled up between the printer and the wall. I turned and looked and one of the doors on his viv was cracked open. I can't believe how lucky I was for him to just show up like that and that the cats had not caused him any harm.

I have the ZooMed vivs with the front opening doors. It appears that one of the cats stepped on the latch that unlocks the door and then Big Worm pushed it open. I have since locked the doors shut so this won't happen again. I put this here in the husbandry section in hopes no one else will end up in the same situation.