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  • Hey Caryl, Just wanted to tell you that Babette double clutched tonight. I was not expecting it, as she did not look that big. So far 5 slugs and 5 eggs that look good. We shall see :)
    Hi, I know I haven't been on this site a lot but I was wondering if you or anyone you knew was going to Daytona this year? I'm looking for a ride and will pay for half the gas.
    Eddie A on this forum is a close friend of mine and can vouch for me.
    Berkeley (aka zamora)
    Sorry I'm a newbie at this site and just noticed your previous convo with Katie telling her what morph Dazzler is, but still absolutely stunning!!
    Hi Caryl!! I have to agree with Katie, what kind of corn is in your Avatar?? I just love the natural settings of snakes in trees!!!! BEAUTIFUL!
    I did mean Dazzler. I'm plotting my next snake purchase.. too many colors to choose from! ;)
    Hi, can you tell me what your avatar is? Looks like a bairdi with weird pattern, but it's gorgeous!
    Hi, Caryl! I missed you as well and thought of you often. It's wonderful to see you back here again!! xo
    Happy Thanksgiving! It was good to hear from you! So glad you got the little snakes to eat!
    I'm sure your students aren't at all upset that you haven't graded thier labs yet! I know what you mean about the beasties, but I've learned the hard way that those are better than the infection. There's always that pill you take once...can't remember the name of it, but it's good stuff. I had face surgery last spring and had to have major antibiotic therapy. That antifungal pill was amazing.

    Hope you're on the mend soon, Caryl! xoxo
    Ugh! I hate thrush!! So how is the hand now? Geez, C...that sounds painful! :(
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