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Got to meet Clint from Clint's Reptiles today!


Olivia Barron
A local reptile store opened today and they invited Clint Laidlaw and Dav Kaufman to come down to chat with people. There was an actual line out the door.

Anyway, super nice guy as expected. It was really nice chatting with him. I also couldn't resist picking up this little sunkissed tessera (in blue).


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Cute little pick up! Clint does seem like a genuine nice guy. Did you get to meet dav? I've hung out with dav at a cookout before and he was just like a normal person.
I saw him around the store. I haven't really followed his YouTube channel, but he seemed like a really nice guy too, so I'll have to add that to my subscriptions too.

And yeah, Clint strikes me as very genuine and humble. There was a young guy there to meet him and was asking Clint if he had any tips for how to handle a snake. So Clint asked the store owner if it would be okay if they handled one of the baby boas and he was showing the guy all about snake body language. It was really sweet (plus I got to hold that cute boa after they were done chatting!).
It's always fun to talk snakes! Do these guys have you tube channels? Just curious as I've not heard of them.

Looks like it was a lot of fun, and a nice pick up Olivia - congrats!

Very cool! His videos are very informative is what pushed me into getting my first Children’s python.

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Yeah they are! His videos often make me interested in species I might not have otherwise considered keeping.

Indeed. He even does content on stuff he personally is a little scared of, or not a fan of which I respect.

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