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New member
Hey everyone. My name is Lana and this weekend I’m going to be the proud new mother of a young corn snake named Yokai. I’m going to spend most of the rest of the week designing Yokai’s habitat. I wrote several papers on snakes back in college but have never actually owned one before. Any advice would be welcome to make my new arrival as comfortable and stress-free as possible!
Welcome! Feel free to post pics of the setup and the snake! It's always a good idea to let the snake settle in for about a week before you try feeding and then handling (a few days after they've eaten). Lots of educational stuff to read on this forum, but if you think of any specific questions, let us know.
Hello, Lana. Welcome to the wonderful world of corn snakes! We're looking forward to pics once your baby has arrived and settled. You can find info here about most anything corn- related. I also recommend a couple of books, "Corn Snakes in Captivity," by Don Soderberg and "Corn Snakes, The Comprehensive Owner's Guide," by Kathy & Bill Love. They're older but they're a trove of good info.

We look forward to learning more about you and your future snake. Welcome again!

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Hi, Lana! You joined 3 days before me, so we're both newcomers of a certain age. Congrats on your soon-to-be friend. I'll have my first corn snake within the next couple of weeks. How old will Yokai be when he arrives? Mine will be almost exactly at his first birthday.