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New member
nice looking site!!! oh, the patience you must have. those trees are beautiful! its not snakes but i love it... thanks, jim :)
everyone else,
if you haven't seen gregg's site go take a look for some beautiful bonsai art.... fantastic!!!! ---jim
Thank you Jim & Elaphe_Mo,

Thank you both for the kind words.

I really need to get off my butt and up-date my website-- someday--but I'd rather be DOING bonsai than writing about it.

My oldest corn snake, Spot, loves to climb through the branches of some of the larger trees when he's out getting sunshine. His particular favorite is the single trunk cork oak. He'll get into that one and just lay there for a while. Of course, I have to keep a very close eye on him the whole time, or he'll sneak off and I'll lose him in my backyard...and that would be a bummer!:(

The trees, as well as, myself have changed a lot since that site was opened. It would be a good thing for me to force myself to scan, crop, adjust, and upload new photos, re-do, or finish, other sections, and add new things, such as a "New Projects" section.
I should also put another page, or two, in my Personal Profile section that takes the visitor to my other obsessions: corn snakes and drumming. These things come to me when I'm working on my trees, or playing with my snakes, and I write them down, but doing it is another matter.:D

Patience? Yeah, I guess you could say it takes patience. One has to be willing to realize that the end result will never be achieved, since the tree is a living creature and thus, changes with each season. The only "finished" bonsai is a dead one, but results of one's work will be seen in about ten years. Having that patience helps me to enjoy my little snakes while they are little. It's the Zen of enjoying the moment thing. It's enjoying things as they are now and getting off on the image of what is to come, if I live long enough.

People have asked me how it is that I have so much patience and I tell them that I have NO patience, that's why I force myself to do things that require patience. The fact that I'm working on my THIRD successful marriage should prove that I have no patience.:rolleyes: