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Hello from Washington!


New member
I am a new corn snake owner. I never thought that snakes were going to be the pet for me, but I am hooked! I love my little girl! (well I think she's a girl!) we got her as a family Christmas present in November...she has really blended well into our menagerie of animals. There isn't much else to say other than she is the perfect little lady! :)
Hello to Washington!
I feel the same way about my snake. We got her about 3 years ago (my wife's idea) and her care has been left largely to me. I have not minded one bit, best animal I have ever cared for.
I have had no problems with her care. I have used mostly this site for basic knowledge.
Now I want another snake. I'm still undecided on whether it will be a cornsnake or something else, and if it IS a cornsnake, what morph. Learning about the morphs and genetics has become an addicting thing for me. Join me!
absolutely! I love her to death! she was 100% my idea, I love my little girl! She's a gorgeous snow! I have some pics at home that I will try to get up soon. I'm actually thinking about breeding her when she's much older. I'd like to breed her to a similar morph. I bet they would make beautiful babies!

I would LOVE more snakes, but that will have to wait till I have a bigger house and I have a space to convert into my "snake room"