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How long before...?


New member
:crazy02: My female 3year old got humped about just over a month ago! She shedded yesterday and doesnt whant too eat! Can it nearly be time for her to lay eggs?? and how long before i put in the moss boxs? Im not sure maybe Im over reacting! :shrugs:
You should go ahead and offer her a moss box. If she is gravid, she will probably lay her eggs within the next few days.
agreed - many corns lay a few days after their pre-laying shed. Make sure she has a nice lay tub in with her.
get a box with a lid (like a tupperware box) cut a hole in the top of it. It needs to be big enough to fit 2 snakes her size in. Go for one that is more long and wide than tall. Go to a pet store and buy sphagnum moss to put in it. Soak it in water, ring out the excess water, and then put it in the box. Then put the box in the tank and leave her along for a while. If she just shed, she should lay in about 1-2 weeks at most.