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How To Pack Snakes For Shipping

Tape the box securely and stick the air bill envelope to the top of the box. I add another Perishable sticker on the top. There is no need to punch air holes in the box, and this would weaken the structural integrity.


  • Shipping 027.jpg
    Shipping 027.jpg
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Here is the finished box. I like to leave packing until the late afternoon, and I like to drop the box off in the last hour or two that FedEx is open. The more severe the temps are, the later the drop off.


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    Shipping 028.jpg
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Wow, that is super informative! If I ever need to ship a snake, I'll definitely be re-reviewing this!

How much do the supplies generally cost you and where do you get them?
I get most of my supplies- boxes, bags, delis, heat packs, cool packs, from Superior Shipping. If you are on their e-mail list, they have sales and free shipping frequently.

I get my Phase Change Material (PCM) packs from TCP Reliable. They are a brand called Cryopak. Donna Swisher is my contact. They have started offering a reptile shipping set, but I haven't checked into it yet. It's nice that they are responsive to our community, though.

I save up peanuts from items I order by mail.

I haven't added up how much a complete box with one or two PCMs, etc., adds up to. Hopefully less than $10!