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How to tell a Morph


New member
Does anyone know about Morphs of the Corn Snakes? I just had a female lay eggs. She is a Bloodred Corn and the male is a Butter Pos Het Scaleless (that is what it says on the containerhe came in when young). What could the babies be? Any help would be appreciated.
Unless both parents are carrying unexpressed genes that match up in both of them, I would realistically expect to get a bunch of normal colored and patterned babies hatching out.
Since most corn snake mutations are recessive, you need two copies (one from each parent) to produce visual babies. Your snakes don't share any genes, so you'll get normal babies that are het for (only carrying a single copy of the gene) diffused/bloodred, amel, and caramel. Nowadays a lot of corns have hets, so it's possible that your snakes might share a gene and you could get some visual morphs. Feel free to post hatching pictures when the babies arrive. And if you need help identifying their morphs, we can help with that too.

There's also a calculator you can play with over at iansvivarium.com/morphcalculator
Babies have hatched. I forgot to post that.i have 12 that are 3 months old now. All healthy and eating very well. I cannot keep them. If interested let me know.