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I accidentally killed it.


New member
So I was attempting to hold my snake, and it started biting me everywhere and thrasing around so i got mad and held it by its tale and wacked its head off the wall now its not moving? Do you think the snakes dead or just knocked out?

Sprinkle a bit of this on your head.

No im not joking! This really did happen.
Me either, really, sprinkle some on your head. It works great. """""Accidentally"""" wacking a snakes head against the wall is virtually impossible. Zero chance of that, thanks for playing. Your prizes will be mailed out in 6-8 weeks.

Well i just got angry and scared it was like instinct. Do you think my snake might come back to life? If it did would it be brain damaged or is it certainly dead?
If i took the snake to a vet would they be able to revive it. How long do you think it will stay knocked out for if it is knocked out.
I have said in another thread shes my sister she introduced me to this site. Please don't ban me, im really serious.
I have said in another thread shes my sister she introduced me to this site. Please don't ban me, im really serious.
Does she realize that your lying and trolling is jeopardizing her account too? No one believes this stupid story, so why don't you do yourself a favor and go find some other way to amuse yourself. If your snake's dead, then good. You have no reason to be here anymore. Go away.
Listen here, I am normally a cool calm type of guy but you have just P****d me off. You shouldn't even be on this site never mind owning a snake. I wish I could mail you a Hatchling Black Mamba, at least after that one bit you it could still get the last laugh after you beat it to death.

To the rest of you Peeps on the site, sorry for the outburst but I am at this very moment madder than a teased Puff Adder.

I came here for help and advice though not to be banned. So you think my snakes 100% dead?
I think your snake is 100% fictional. You're pushing it. You're very close to the ban now. Why don't you go make prank phone calls, or engage in some other similarly masturbatory activity.
and may I suggest that you grow a little older, wiser and more patient than you are now before trying pet ownership and care again