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I`M a DADD!!


New member
:-offtopic Thanks for your msg on my b-day everyone!

:wavey: My snake eggs hatched yesterday! 25of them and tey are sooooooo sweeeet!!! Id have too sell but I dont want to!

:rolleyes: What do you think about probing at 2weaks old?? Id like too keep 1female and a male! But dont know witch is witch??? :crazy02:
Only someone with experience and a very fine set of probes should attempt to probe the littlies. What-say you try poppong them?

A techique I've heard is good is pop them all and put all the ones that turn out to be deffinate boys in one catagory. All the girls will get popped again a week later (and you may find some have 'spontaneously turned into boys!!) and then a week later again. As you're less likely to cause damage popping rather than probing you can then get someone to probe the remaining 'females' to confirm they really are. At this point they'll be a few weeks old and will have all shed and hopefully eaten twice and you can pick which to keep and which to sell.

Good luck,
Thanks! BUT.... I dont know how to pop them!
I`ll go see my vet. tomorrow just for advice, to hear what he can do without hurting my babys! :twoguns:

:-offtopic the pattern of my female came in on almost all my babys! How can i breed for that same pattern over the hole body? (if any body know PLEASE let me know!)
is what youre describing like a motely pattern on only the "neck" area? i bith my little guys have this, it seems to be fairly common.