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i need help!


New member
hey guys and girls im blake and just bougtht a corn snake from petco down in texas.
it just got out and is only like 1 foot long and i havent found it yet itsd been like hmm say 12 hours it is somewhere in the house
any suggestions?
Do a search on the forum for missing snakes and you'll come up with alot of great advise on trying to find it.

Best of luck. Make sure you look where you least expect. :uhoh:
Welcome to the site!!!!!!!! There is a lot of information here. Be sure to read the FAQ section in the forums. They answer a lot of questions.
There are a lot of great people here. Everybody is always willing to help.

Keep us posted if you find the snake
Hi. Sorry he got out. Corns are known escape artist! Look under everything and put yourself in his place. Where would I hide if I were a snake? I really hope you find him. Let me know. Good luck :)
Look in warm dark places. Corn tend to stay near heat sources. Check under a radiator or something like a warm stereo or VCR or something electronic because they produce heat.

Also do a search for Bottle Traps. I have heard people have had luck with them.

I have lost my snake before and I know the feeling. Dont worry too much. He'll turn up. Good Luck!
yah i put duct tape traps in the dorrways but he wasnt in them when i checked