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little corn has a prolapse of some sort?


New member
hello hello, i'm new to this forum so i sincerely apologize if this breaks any rules or anything! i don't really use forums but i have nowhere else to ask about this :(
content warning: a pretty scary injury!

some months ago (three, i think?) one of our female corns gave us a bunch of beautiful eggs that hatched into equally beautiful and greedy babies. wonderful little wiggling worms full of gusto and a love for exploring. we cohabbed them at this stage since they were still fat and full from all the yolk (those eggs were practically drained!) but made the mistake of putting them in a tub we didn't think they'd be able to escape, but alas, they somehow still managed to. one thing lead to another, we managed to save the lot of them but one of them sadly got nipped by the dog.
although it was a small nip, this sadly did leave a kink in the corn's back, and what we thought was a little bruise. he has been thriving though, eating every week when we started feeding them all, and he was pooping and shedding just fine - he's grown noticeably smaller than his siblings, but his love for food is just as heavy as theirs. i'd been checking on him and his siblings daily as well as they grow to ensure that they're doing okay after the escape incident, and they've been doing wonderfully, some have already gone off to their forever homes.

today however, when i checked in on them, i saw something really concerning. the little one has what seems to me like a prolapse, which i have treated before in a ball python, but that was a much larger snake so it was a lot easier to deal with - he had shed wrapped around it so i'm assuming he was shedding and then trying to poop into his shed, which is something that my corns love to do for some reason, and there was a little bit of a urate mess in there. - but so i recognized what it was, and immediately got to inspecting it and checking it out to try and identify the severity of it and what i could do about it, while my mom was preparing the warm sugar bath. but i am a little bit stumped.

upon further expection, it did not have the appearance of a normal prolapse- there was no visible hole in it to indicate that it's linked to the anus (?), and i could see that there was some urates coming from the TOP of the glob of flesh rather than a hole in the glob of flesh itself - so i don't know if it's an anal prolapse, because wouldn't the urates be coming from that if it was?
i have nursed a lot of snakes from all sorts of conditions, but i am still learning about the organs and other workings of snakes in that area of the body.
there were also two strange little bumps, what i'm assuming might be the hemipenes, but i'm not entirely sure. also, i noticed that what we thought was a bruise is now gone, so i think that the "bruise" we saw was actually the prolapse thing.
i am worried that while he was shedding and trying to poop in it, he might've been pushing too hard, and pushed that out? i really don't know.
im not sure if im allowed to post pictures of it, so i have attached an artistic rendition of it (i tried, haha...).
any advice and thoughts would be appreciated.

(additionally: i would like to take this little guy to the vet, but unfortunately we really can't afford it, and the only exotic vet we have nearby anyhow doesn't have the best reputation...)


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