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    Snake has died. Post-mortem exam?
    Hello. I am a 2nd yr corn snake breeder and I am experiencing several of my snakes go on what I thought was a good strike. Then I began to notice a couple have become very lethargic and began to noticeably lose weight. I then gathered two of them and took them to a reptile vet to have them looked at. Vet saw no apparent issues. She the took a fecal sample to check for internal parasites. She finally called a week later and told me the fecal sample was too small and the test was inconclusive. Which brings me to this point. While doing my daily check I opened a yearling’s enclosure and to my horror he was dead. My question is: Should I take the dead snake to the vet tomorrow for a post-mortem exam? And if so, how do I prepare the body till tomorrow’s vet visit? I need to find out what is happening before any others fall to this illness. Temp was 80 degrees, humidity 55%, aspen bedding, always clean water checked every day. Diet: 1 f/t fuzzy weekly.
    Are their people in there? I am hoping for lots of input. Maybe keeping it on the post will get more people? I noticed your training to be a vet tech you wouldn't happen to be local to the SF Bay Area?
    Welp I ended up getting to sleep at like 1:50... and then waking up at 4... and 5..... and now it's 7:30 *buries head in sand and refuses to go to school*
    You should have seen her eyes glowing in the bag at FedEx! I hadn't seen a pic of her since she was a hatchling. I can't wait till Rich sees her!
    Hello! Sorry for bothering you. I was wondering if you had any pictures of Lacy, your pewter when she was a hatchling. She is absolutely stunning.
    Hi Megan!
    I just sent you an email, but I am not sure how often you check it. We need to register by tomorrow to avoid a $50 late fee... It's only about a month away, woo hoo!
    :O I've randomly found your deviantart! saw your name in a member join request, and just had to make sure :)
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