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mice size?


New member
1)my snake is about 1ft 2inches and like 3/4 inches thick i guess what should he eat pinkies or fuzzies cuz on rodentpro.com i saw fuzziess and noticed they were perty small would put pictures of my corn but dont gotta camera
2)what should i say to my mom (i want more snakes badly especially a striped king,and a reverse okeetee corn)about getting more reptiles.
i had a leopard gecko female named leo and she died before my plane ride to mexico after 5 or 6 year of having her and i was devestated and i have tried using that to get a new animal.
1. This is not the right board
2. Your snake is 1"2', but is 4 inches thick? :shrugs:
3. If you don't yet know what your corn should eat, what have you been feeding it on until now? Why didn't you ask this in the petstore?
4. "Mom, please can I have more reptiles?" :)