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Missing head scales


Olivia Barron
Do we know what causes the occasional missing head scale on some corns? Or rather, it's not really a 'missing' scale, but it's more like the scales covering the head are rounded at the edges and don't meet in the middle. I think I've noticed it mostly in amel types, but occasionally in other morphs as well. In my collection, I have two corns with it to various degrees. Both have had it since I got them as hatchlings.

Lava and Peppermint with scale gaps on their heads.


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I do know what you mean. I've got no real knowledge about the cause though.

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I have an UltralMel Aztec from VMS stock that has always had a missing head scale (sorry no decent photo available) and I was told that this issue is prevalent in certain lines, but I have not seen any real data to back up that conjecture. It will be interesting to see if he passes this trait on to any of his young, assuming of course that any of the eggs he fathered successfully hatch in about 6 weeks (fingers crossed :).